R You Listening?


I have little recollection of a short stint I had assisting a Kingdergarten teacher years ago, but one lesson she taught at the beginning of the year remains clear. She neatly wrote a question across the chalkboard and drilled this into her students right from the start. R U Listening? The teacher knew the students would need to learn to listen if they were to learn, grow, and succeed.

I know countless people who talk and pray to God on a regular basis, but I wonder how many of us are taking the time to listen. As I continue my walk through a valley of loss and challenging, unexpected change, I am conscious more than ever of my need to listen – to the Lord.
I have placed my heart and life in the hands of the Lord, and I press into Him daily in prayer, in writing, in fellowship as I seek to hear from Him. I study His Word regularly to listen to what He has to say to me, but I take one vital step further. I take the time to hear from Him as He speaks to me in a personal, intimate, way based on my own individual life.

When life is hard, as it is now, I no longer merely pray that He takes me to the other side. I seek His face, His wisdom, and His guiding light and leadership as He uses the difficult places I walk through to mold me, to shape me, and to bring me to spiritual maturity.

Am I listening? Yes. I am. I listen with my physical ears, and I listen with my spiritual ears. His Holy Spirit speaks to me. Why? Not only because God loves me as His child, but because I am listening. I take the time and care in fellowship with Him to be sensitive to His Spirit.

Here is an example. I have noticed fiery dart after fiery dart from the enemy in a direct attack against me through numerous people. I know it is not the people; it is the enemy operating through the people. In the past, I would have simply complained and thrown a pity party.

This time, I have been sensitive to the Lord to see what He wants to teach me through all this. Because I have listened, I have been able to hear through my spiritual ears what the Lord is desiring to accomplish right now. He is teaching me not to be offended by the sin of others, but to forgive them, and to love them and to minister to them in His name.

I know this because I have been listening, to His Word as I study the Bible, and to His voice as He speaks to me.

A healthy relationship involves two-way communication. We are to speak, but we also are to listen.

R U Listening?

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