Ready & Willing


When the Lord sent the apostle Peter to talk to Cornelius and his relatives and close friends about the Lord so they would receive the promise of everlasting life with the Lord, Cornelius responded to the arrival of Peter with words that bear a powerful message for all of us.

“Immediately therefore I [Cornelius] sent to thee [Peter]; and thou hast well done that thou art come. Now therefore are we all here present before God, to hear all things that are commanded thee of God.” Acts 10:33

Cornelius recognized and acknowledged God had sent a messenger to them, and he humbly expressed a willingness and readiness on the part of all of them to hear the Lord’s message through Peter. They were not resistant, distracted, rebellious, angry, running the other way, making noise so they couldn’t hear, etc., but fully surrendered to hearing the message the Lord sent through Peter as well as responding to it.

What do you and I do when God sends messengers to us? When He sends us messages, warnings, encouragement, help with the Bible, etc. through His children? Are we willing to hear? Are we ready? Do we humble ourselves before God and the person or people He has sent? Do we take the time to hear all of what God has to speak to us through the person or people He has sent? Do we respond to the Lord’s message with humility, thanksgiving, and obedience to God as we should?

Friend, Cornelius and his relatives and close friends are a wonderful example of humility, willingness, and eagerness – and obedience – concerning hearing from God through one of His children. Whether God has called us to receive a message or to deliver one, let us be the same. Humble, willing, and eager, obedient, and THANKFUL!


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