Receipts for Donations for 2015


Hello Everyone,

For anyone who graciously sowed seeds into Walk by Faith Ministry through donations in 2015, first and foremost, thank you so incredibly much from the bottom of my heart! As many of you know, I live on a very low income and operate the ministry on a very small budget in order to be available 24-7 to love and serve the Lord with all my heart and to fulfill my life’s calling as an evangelist, author, and special needs and senior rescued dogs mommie/caretaker.

I very rarely, if ever, do any traditional fundraising anymore, learning day by day to trust the Lord to equip me for what He has called me to do, and I am indescribably grateful for every one of you He has sent along to offer support – whether it be through love, prayers, encouragement, and/or donations.

That said, because I have no staff or regular volunteers, because my heart and hands are ever full and I’m ever trying to keep up with everything, and because I use an extremely old-fashioned bookkeeping system, every year I offer to provide receipts for those who request them rather than send one out automatically each time a donation comes in. I hope you will forgive me as I am doing the best I can!

So this is my annual note to all that receipts are available upon request. And for those who keep careful track of your donations, I would be happy to simply send you a receipt to fill out to expedite the process. Please rest assured I keep very careful track of all donations that come in for tax purposes.

Thank you so incredibly much, and God bless you all!!!

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