Remembering My NYC Assault


Hallelujah! I am in the thick of one of the hardest seasons of my life, and in all honesty I have struggled every single day of my life for as long as I can remember. So suffice it to say this is a gruelingly hard season. And right in the midst of it I praise God I felt led to watch a Video Devotional I did less than 2 weeks after being assaulted while doing ministry on the streets of New York City in May 2022.

I cannot tell you how incredibly encouraged I was watching this Video Devotional again and remembering not so much the assault – but the VICTORY in Jesus!

Friend, I hope with all my heart you will take a few minutes to watch my Video Devotional called “I Will Not Bow Down to Him” and that you will be enormously encouraged to keep pressing on despite the challenges in your life – with the Lord Jesus Christ leading the way!

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