Remembering to Rest

If God has told me anything over the past few years, He has told me this. Over and again. And again. Rest, rest, rest. And rest. And as much as I believed He wanted me to get physical rest, I now understand more than anything else He has wanted me to learn to rest in Him. To trust in Him. To cast my cares on Him. To give my worries to Him. To not have anxiety over the future. To not be buried in the past. To not re-play conversations in my head all day long. To not concern myself with how I will make it financially. To not berate myself for not doing “enough” writing. To not be upset over what other people may or may not think of me.

When I came across this photo of paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon resting with three-legged Traveler, it struck me what an easy time most dogs have resting. And it made me think that they can rest like this because they don’t worry about being taken care of. They simply believe they will. The more I learn to focus on the Lord, the more I learn about Him, the more I learn to trust Him, the more I remember what I have so often forgotten and failed to do. To rest. Not merely to stop what I’m doing and slow down, which I have truly learned how to do, but to rest in my mind. Knowing that He is sovereign. And that my job is to love and to worship and to serve Him with all of my heart. The rest – yes, the rest – is up to Him. 

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