Running to the Rescue of a Loved One

Have you ever been so incredibly utterly desperate to see someone you love dearly get well from whatever he or she struggles with that you’ll do just about anything and everything to help the person? Have you found yourself sticking on your stethoscope, so to speak, opening up your so-called medicine cabinet, searching your mind relentlessly for ways you can help the person get on the path to recovery, woken up in the middle of the night trying to come up with methods to help the person turn his or her life around, and maybe even resorted to BEGGING the person to make the changes necessary to get his or her act together? I have done all of the above, and more, only to make an amazing discovery.

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As much as God calls us to love and serve Him with all our hearts and to love others as ourselves (Deuteronomy 6:5), I believe the most important thing He wants us to do when it comes to someone else is not to go running to the rescue as we jump in with all our human flesh and pride and fear and desperation with our heart set on fixing someone else’s life, but instead to seek His face for wisdom about what is and what is not our role in that person’s life and to be sure to get our flesh out of His way so He can be the almighty God and Savior He is!

God commands us to have no other gods before Him; He is a jealous God (Exodus 34:14). He does not want us to play “god” in other people’s lives nor does He want others to turn their lives over to us as their god and savior rather than to submit their lives to Him as Lord and Creator of the universe. Jesus Christ did not die on the cross and rise from the grave three days later so we could be other people’s savior. He did it so we would repent of our sins and believe in Him as Lord and receive His forgiveness and thereby be restored to a relationship with God our Father for all our days on earth and for eternity in heaven. Jesus is Savior! Jesus is Lord!

Our job is NOT to try to lord ourselves over other people’s lives, no matter how much we love them, but to humble ourselves as servants of God as we seek His face as to exactly how He desires for us to serve Him in others’ lives. This may vary from person to person and situation to situation. He might want us to share the Gospel of Christ with someone who doesn’t know the Lord, love and pray for someone who is a committed follower of Christ, apply the healing balm of Scriptures to some people in conversation or cards, confront someone in love who is erring from God’s ways, walk away from someone for a season who needs to hit bottom and cry out to the Lord, or any other number of directives. God doesn’t want us to run to the rescue of a loved one in our flesh, but to run to Him to seek His will with the commitment to obey.

If you are desperate to see someone you love dearly get well, instead of running to the person’s rescue with pride and arrogance believing that you have all that person’s answers, seek the Lord in prayer for what your role is – and what your role is not. Humble yourself and submit to the Lord’s will, have the courage to share the Gospel with that person if He leads you, administer the medicine of God’s Word to that person if it is His desire, love and pray for that person, and step out of the way as the Lord and  Savior of the world brings His salvation and His healing in His way in His time not for your glory, but for His!  

Jas 1:5  If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. 
Jas 1:6  But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. 
Jas 1:7  For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. 

Jas 1:8  A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. 

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