My Seamless Big Move


“O Lord, I know the way of man is not in himself;
It is not in man who walks to direct his own steps.” Jeremiah 10:23…………

When I think of the word “seamless”, I think of being unable to tell where one thing ends and another thing begins. A transition is so “seamless” from one thing to the next, regardless of what it is, like one piece of fabric to another, or where one piece of machinery connects to another, that the whole transition is simply as clean, clear, natural, and even peaceful, as can be. The two pieces just fit perfectly, well, as though there is no break between them, no rough patches in between them, and, well, I believe you get the picture. This, in fact, is how I would describe my recent big move from Virginia where I was in a hotel room for nearly a year with my special needs and senior doggies to a hotel room in New Jersey where I’ve been for the past 8 days going back and forth to New York City searching for the housing where the Lord is sending me to do my ministry work there.

The weather has been terribly cold, the prices up here are unbelievably expensive, I don’t have any family or friends though there are a few people scattered about I knew over 20 years ago, and the city is anything but peaceful and quiet like I love. And I lived in New York City over 20 years ago.

So how could this move be so seamless? Why am I not petrified and lonely? Why does this seem like the most natural move I’ve ever made? Why do I feel like I have been here for 10 years? Why do I feel like I just landed here, like I was just plucked up from where I was and dropped down to where I am? Why immediately was I already passing out Gospel tracts and have I already been blessed with praying for people and talking to them about the Lord despite how busy I am searching for housing?

Simple. The Lord Jesus Christ. God almighty. The Holy Spirit. The Lord sent me here, He gave me the courage and strength to obey Him, He provides for me every breath I take everything that I need, He loves me, blesses me, teaches me, guides me, leads me, sustains me, protects me, directs me, gives me amazing sisters in the Lord to walk alongside me albeit long distance right now, has privileged me with wonderful parents who are helping me long distance with the housing search, forgives me when I need it which I so often do, grows me, and walks with me, and lives by His Spirit in and through me. And vitally, so vitally, He knows my heart for Him, my devotedness to Him, my passion for Him, my calling to proclaim Him to the world and help people to find and follow Him, my submission to Him, my willingness to learn and grow, and my hunger and thirst for Him and for His Word, and my yearning to be filled with and led by His Spirit who has made all of this so very seamless.

Friend, when we are in the will of the Lord, committed truly to Him, studying His Word and desiring for His Spirit to fill and lead us, willing to forsake all for Him, then life can be seamless like mine has been this past week. Does this mean I haven’t faced challenges, and am not facing any, and don’t struggle with worry and fear and all sorts of thoughts I need to work hard to get rid of, and don’t have my times of questioning, etc.? And that we don’t face our challenges as we walk through our lives? Of course not! But those of us who truly commit ourselves to the Lord, day by day, step by step, breath by breath, can rest assured that we can seamlessly move from one step to the next step to the next one – by faith, in Him, in His love, in His strength – and, most importantly of all, for His glory!

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