See You in Heaven

Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone who is still alive? Have you ever had to put your Isaac on an altar of wood before the Lord, sacrificing your loved one like Abraham was called to sacrifice his son Isaac? Have you ever had to walk away from the one that you love knowing you might not meet again until you get to heaven? Have you ever wondered if God might place that loved one back in your life the same way he allowed Abraham to keep his son Isaac? I have. I have. I have. I have. And now, once again, I believe I am being asked to do this once more.

“No matter what happens to us on earth,” my loved one said to me recently, “At least we know we can spend eternity together in heaven.”

I don’t know about you, but my flesh doesn’t like to say goodbye to people I love. My flesh doesn’t like to sacrifice my loved ones knowing I might not see them again on earth. But I love the Lord too much not to obey when He calls me to do so. So now, once again, as I have in the past, I am seeking the Lord about what to do with my Isaac. Deep down within, I already know the answer. God wants me to let go. And He wants me to so trust Him with His plan for my life that I will submit to His decision about whether I will ever have my Isaac back.

What about you? Do you know who your Isaac is? Is God calling you to let someone go? Is He calling you to say goodbye? Is He calling you to sacrifice someone you love, not knowing what the ultimate outcome will be? Do you love the Lord so much that you are willing to obey? Do you trust Him with your life, and do you trust Him with your Isaac?

Dear Lord, I cannot do this without you. I can only do it with your strength, and for your purpose and glory. Please show me how to let my Isaac go, and help me to hand over my Isaac to you. When Abraham got ready to sacrifice Isaac, Lord, you provided him with a lamb representative of Jesus so he could sacrifice the lamb instead. Jesus, you are the lamb that sacrificed your life for me. Now, dear Jesus, please help me to offer you my Isaac so you can do as you desire. Help me, Lord. Thank you, Lord. I love you. And you know what, Jesus? I love you more than my Isaac. I love you more than anyone or anything. And I know I will be okay. Please help my Isaac. Please save, heal, deliver, preserve, and protect my Isaac. And Lord? Even as I pray and write this prayer, I realize something. My Isaac is not my Isaac. My Isaac belongs to you. And so do I. I love you, dear Jesus. Forever. Amen. 

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