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SEX Talk

“As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.” Rev. 3:19

I stood on a NYC sidewalk years ago rapturously kissing my dream man. Drunkenly unabashedly kissing a raging, verbally abusive exceeding alcoholic was just the start of my questionable dreams. When I looked down at his hand when I came up for air from the sloppy, sloshy, drunken kisses, I saw his wedding ring back on his hand. Then I hungrily, thirstily, voraciously returned to kissing him and receiving “the proof” I was most assuredly loved, answering the never-ending cry of my heart to be loved.

We had our “first date” sitting on a NYC roof slugging alcohol, kissing, talking, seeking voraciously from one another acceptance and approval until he interrupted us to announce he was married, most accurately “separated but getting divorced”. The next day, I asked a loved one if I should be with a separated man. The person I asked didn’t know the Lord Jesus Christ nor comprehend sin and the ramifications of adultery and that separated people are still married. He was living in his own darkness on the highway to hell. He said yes. Be with the man. I dove in head first. My dream man returned to his wife periodically, then back to me. The stench of our sin was sickening. I had no sense of smell. I didn’t know I was a sinner headed for hell. I knew nothing of God. The world doesn’t call what I did then sin, but instead pleasure and human rights to please and live for ourselves. I was pleasing and living my way to fiery torment in hell.

Sin is sin no matter what society says. I have repented before God of my sins including that despicable one. Some years ago, I took another gigantic step. I sought the woman who had been married to my dream man. I wrote her this. Forgive me. I told her I had found the Lord, given my life to Him, am in ministry, and was indescribably sorry for the unfathomable hurt I caused her. She found my message three years afterward and replied. She forgave me. I am forgiven by God’s grace and a woman’s humble heart.

Society condones sexual sin. But sin is sin, and un-repented sin leads to death, hell, and the lake of fire. Forgiveness from God comes only through Christ. Forgive me are only words. True repentance and faith in Christ produces the fruit of hearts and lived turned to God and a genuine commitment to living according to God’s ways. Adultery, homosexuality, transgenderism, pornography, transvestitism, gay marriage, sex outside of marriage, being involved with separated people who are still married, and abortion, this is ALL sin against God. Approval by society and the government doesn’t change God’s Truth. Hell will be filled with people who justified their sin by the world’s standards. Heaven is for those who live for Christ.

   Where are you headed?

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