She Balanced My Bags


“What is desired in a man is kindness,…” Proverbs 19:22

I couldn’t have been more delighted that I had actually found a very affordable yummy and healthy food store in New York City in just about a week and a half after making the monumentally big move into the city, and it had been totally well worth the long walk to get there. Long walks are relative, and fortunately I LOVE walking and it’s a wonderful opportunity for me to spend time praising the Lord and praying to Him and listening to Him, but still, long walks when it comes to carrying shopping bags can seem extra long. I hadn’t figured on finding so many delicious and nutritious groceries this morning when I took off for the store to which I felt the Lord was leading me, so imagine when I left the store and had about a mile or so to walk to return to my new beloved little apartment how my arms would feel by the time I got back.

Not too long after I had started walking back, I realized how easily I was carrying the bags. One on each arm. I am used to lifting heavy dogs, so weight isn’t too much of a problem. But still, a long walk with a lot of weight is still a lot of weight and can be burdensome. But it turns out the lady behind the register had double bagged my groceries after I told her i hadn’t brought anything to carry them in, and she had beautifully balanced them.

Perhaps you wonder why you’re reading a devotional about the lady who balanced my bags. Here is why. Because in a world that is ever darkening due to the sins of humankind and the refusal of so many to turn away from a lifestyle of sin and to believe in and follow Jesus Christ as Lord, we don’t always see the love and kindness and care and compassion we would like to see, do we? Nor do we, if we’re honest with ourselves, always have our hearts and words and actions filled with it.

But this woman, without even having to be asked, had carefully and thoughtfully despite the long line of people behind me, taken the time to balance my bags to make my walk easier.

My friend, should we not in our calling to love the Lord with all our hearts and to love others with His love take the time to lovingly, humbly, prayerfully, thoughtfully, kindly, compassionately, go out of our way to notice the needs of others and show them the love of Jesus Christ, whether it be in the big things in life, the very small things, and everything in between?

Yes, we should! Let’s remember to do so, dear friend, and let’s make a point of loving the Lord with all our hearts continually – and show His love to the world around us!

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