Shocking Demon Possession Story


Countless people worldwide seem or feel too far gone, hopeless, broken, lost, messed up, etc. to amount to a life of God-given purpose and significance and to fulfill a God-given calling. Maybe you or someone you know falls into this category.

But God can do ANYTHING with ANYONE as was the case with Mary Magdalene who was once possessed with 7 demons! Set free by the Lord Jesus Christ from the demons, she became the first person to see Jesus risen from the dead and was sent by God to preach to others about Jesus! Talk about a miraculous turnaround!

I myself was broken beyond human hope for decades and am now a totally devoted Jesus follower called by the Lord to tell the world about Him through my ministry.

The answer for the hopeless? Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, live humbly and wholly for Him,  and pray, pray, pray along the way!

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