Song of My Heart – Joy, Joy, Joy

Joy, joy, joy! I had a dream once that I was joyfully speaking aloud these words as though they made up a song of sorts. A song of my heart. Joy, joy, joy! Sometimes I talk to people who share with me how discouraged they feel. Oh, friend, I still struggle every day of my life including with discouragement. So do you want to know my “secret” as to how I have such joy, joy, joy – not to mention love, peace, hope, passion, and a sense of purpose beyond imagination despite my struggles, challenges, and trials?

The short version? JESUS! The longer version? Having an amazingly awesomely beautifully wonderfully splendid and phenomenal ever-growing intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord whereby I believe in Him as Lord, follow Him as Lord, am devoted to Him to the utmost, and live and breathe to love and glorify Him forevermore and to help others to do the same!

When I find myself down, discouraged, afraid, angry, hurt, anxious, overwhelmed, etc., I have yet another opportunity to turn my heart, eyes, ears, thoughts, words, and actions TO THE LORD and THE BIBLE  and to loving and serving Him and others and to press on in learning to live wholly surrendered to the Lord and to His will for my life.

I pour out my heart to Him, I seek Him and His will and help and strength and comfort and love from Him and/or whatever His desire for me is at that time, I repent when I need to repent, including concerning any bad attitude, self pity, pride, etc. I have, and I do my very best to move forward IN HIS LOVE and IN HIS STRENGTH for HIS GLORY with His Holy Spirit leading the way!

See what happens to my focus? I TURN from the yuck, icky stuff TO THE LORD!

Hope that encourages you, friend. It sure encourages me to write about. Joy, joy, joy. The joy in having a forever relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and living day by day with Him as my first love and greatest priority and His being the one for whom I live and breathe is unfathomable. Yes, unfathomable joy! Joy, joy, yes, joy!

Please give yourself 100% to the Lord and His ways, and enjoy and experience the joy, joy, joy of being in wondrous fellowship with Jesus forevermore! Jesus who is the only true God, the one true God, Lord and Father in heaven and Christ forevermore! Hallelujah!

“He has put a new song in my mouth—
Praise to our God;
Many will see it and fear,
And will trust in the Lord.” Psalm 40:3

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