Sorry, I’m Busy


“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13

I need to get off the telephone now. I didn’t just think it to myself. I said it aloud to my friend. The friend I had called twice that week to make sure she was okay since I knew she was going through a trial. She had at last called back. At an inopportune time. I said I would call back in a little bit. I did. We talked a little. I found out how she was. Then I determined it was an inopportune time again. I figured the conversation was now over. After all, I had a busy day. Sorry, I’m busy. The Spirit of God had made clear He had some things for me to do in ministry that day. I had decided on my own when they would best get done. That’s why I decided to get off the phone. Because I was busy, figured I had done my duty in being there for my friend, and now I could go back to what I needed to get done. On my timetable, mind you. Turns out there was a problem with my Sorry, I’m busy decision.

The Lord had other plans, and His own timetable, and He promptly by His Spirit reminded me I am a servant of Christ, and it is not up to me to decide when I need to essentially say to someone, let alone Him, Sorry, I’m busy.

We are commanded to love the Lord, and to love others, and to lay down our lives for others, to love as He modeled love, in humble and fully yielded service to Him and others. Since Bible days, there have been countless people who literally laid down their physical lives in love, obedience, and service to God, and others who did not lay down their physical lives but have gone to unfathomable lengths in forsaking all for Christ and loving and serving a world in need. Isn’t it something how compared with what they have laid down for Christ and others, something like a phone call can feel like an interruption and inconvenience to our busy lives. But therein lies the problem. When we truly day by day surrender our lives to Christ, we realize He purchased us when He died on the cross for us such that “our” lives are truly His. We belong to Him.

From my understanding of God’s Word, the Lord Jesus Christ never has, does not now, nor ever will say Sorry, I’m busy  to someone who needs and desires and in humility calls out to Him. Should we not examine our own hearts and lives and see where we may be selfishly holding back from loving and serving the Lord and someone in need with a Sorry, I’m busy attitude or words rather than humbly, thankfully, lovingly, and blessedly laying down our little lives for Christ and others as the Spirit of God so leads us?

I ended up staying on the phone, and my friend and I both were so very blessed by the Lord as a result. To God be the glory!

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