Hi everyone,

I’ve been writing and reading since I was a little girl. The Lord led me to repentance for using these gifts for the wrong reason and led me to devote myself and the gifts utterly to Him. Daily Inspiration and the tracts, devotionals, Faithful Magazine, and books go out as He leads around the world, by His grace and for His glory alone.

I am writing and writing and writing and pouring out my heart to Him, to people everywhere, into the writing, into my streets ministry work, and I have such a very strong sense the writing is supposed to reach many, many, many more people than it is currently reaching.

I am open to absolutely whatever the Lord’s will is, whether it’s for more churches, ministries, and individuals to start distributing, whether He wants the devotionals offered on others’ websites, whether volunteers are to step forward to deliver them to hospitals, nursing homes, universities, onto the streets, etc., whether a publisher steps forward to re-publish the books and distribute them, whether servants of Christ step forward to start help getting the word out, whether a prayer team is formed solely for the writing which I would love, whether donors step forward to sponsor a much greater distribution, whether a literary agent and editor step forward to start compiling the Daily Inspiration into books, whether bookstores start carrying the books though so far I have been led for the writing to go out in non traditional ways to reach those so often not reached, whether churches start including the devotionals in their bulletins, absolutely whatever the Lord desires.

I would ask from the bottom of my heart if God is leading you to please pray your hearts out however He desires you to pray about this and for however long, and I thank you, thank you, thank you.

In His beloved and precious forever name,


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