Surrounded by Angels – A TESTIMONY

When I plopped down into a not-so-comfy classroom-style wood chair in a women’s small group at a church I had only visited once just a few days before, I had no idea what to expect other than to learn a little about the book the women had been studying. The last thing I thought would happen is that I would open my big mouth, speak about something extraordinarily hard to talk about, ask for prayer, and find myself surrounded by a group of passionately praying women with hands laid on me just like the Bible talks about.

I actually felt like a boulder of sheer weight had been lifted off my lap by the women as they wrapped up their prayers and walked away from me. I left with a sense of relief that they had lifted the burden off of me and placed it in the hands of the Lord. Soon after I got in my car, I heard the Lord speak into my heart that I needed to call my ex-husband who recently moved several states away.

“You know,” he told me after he picked up the phone. “I was praying for you this morning. I prayed God would surround you with His angels.”

I was virtually speechless, but not entirely. I am rarely speechless, as anyone who knows me can attest to. Needless to say, I was humbled beyond measure – and in awe once again – at the majesty of the Lord. He had answered my ex-husband’s prayers that very morning from several states away to surround me with angels.

So the angels God sent me didn’t have wings that I can see, but these new women God has brought into my life sure have wings on their hearts. I wonder why I have such difficulty sometimes believing that God really answers prayers. Who am I to say when God will answer them, and how He will answer them. God, in His infinitely loving, powerful, and ever creative ways, will even answer an ex-husband’s prayers to send human angels miles upon miles away. Nothing like being surrounded by angels, eh? 

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