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I am blessed, humbled, and privileged beyond description to love and serve the Lord with all my heart, and to be a vessel for Him to flow through to transform a world in dire need of Him.

My history is one of abuse, alcoholism, anorexia, post traumatic stress disorder, major depression, psychiatrists, psychologists, self help groups, 12 step groups, counselors, therapists, years of suicidal thoughts, two decisions to commit suicide, self mutilation, the tragic loss of my family, abandonment by two husbands, welfare, food stamps, charity care, disability, the psychiatric ward, hospitals, medications, one diagnosis after another, hopelessness, despair, and utter brokenness.

Today, by the grace of the Lord God almighty, through faith in Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and by the application of God’s Word, I am joyful, peaceful, and free. The transformation I have undergone is beyond description. I am a woman on fire for the Lord and desperately desirous of sharing Him with all the world around me.

my brothers at the soup kitchen receiving
sleeping bags, Bibles & toiletries
through Walk by Faith Ministry’s
ALL glory to GOD!

When the Lord called me years ago to preach, I could not imagine it. I argued, debated, and buried the calling. But He wouldn’t leave me alone. Even as He was healing me, He was preparing me. Not very long ago, He told me He wanted me to “preach to the broken.” He told me doors would open, and quickly. I didn’t believe Him.

Weeks later, I found myself preaching to the homeless at a soup kitchen in Savannah, GA. I remember the day I asked a man who reached out to me for support where he stays. His answer was simple. “Under the bridge.” Did I really understand these people are homeless? And broken? Week after week, as I went to the soup kitchen to preach or simply to pray, I watched. I waited. What would the Lord do? I was surprised to discover what He would do was not just in the lives of the homeless I saw week after week. I realized He planned to do something yet again in me.

He gave me a heart for the homeless beyond anything I could imagine. And He gave me a new dream. Years ago, when my beloved dog Red who God used to help save the life of a homeless man after He rescued me and then dear Red, the Lord spoke to me in church one morning after I dropped a dying Red off at the emergency vet clinic.

“I’ve healed your dog, now heal my people,” He told me. Little did I know where He would take me through the years, what He would do with me, and how He would take the broken vessel of a woman that I was, and so transform me that I would want to live for Him more than anything else on this earth. Years later now, Red the dog is alive and well and God has brought me back to the very same church to preach and help heal His people.

The new dream? Not merely to preach to the broken, as He has called me to do, but to be part of their healing. Somewhere along my journey, I realized my dreams were a mess. Some of my dreams were broken. Others were long gone. Still others were likely unattainable. Most importantly of all, I realized I needed to turn in my dreams and receive from God His dreams – His plans and purposes – for my life. And so I have. And yet and still, they are beyond my wildest dreams.

Dreams? Sweet dreams. The Sweet Dreams Project. The goal? To help the homeless to dream and sleep. God has dreams for the homeless also, and chances are they are not living His dreams for them just as I was not. And chances are sleeping is rough, hard, and sometimes impossible, on the streets and in the shelters, living from pillar to post, from one soup kitchen to a trashcan in the back alley of a restaurant.

So what exactly is the Sweet Dreams Project? It’s to provide sleeping bags, Bibles, toiletries, and prayers to homeless people, but most importantly of all it’s to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that those who are homeless can find and learn to follow Jesus Christ, can turn back to Him if they know Him and have turned away, or delve into a deep and intimate relationship with Him if they have met Him but not come to know and follow Him.

The Sweet Dreams Project is not merely about handing out sleeping bags and Bibles; it’s about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ AND praying, encouraging, and helping the homeless to find and live God’s dreams for their lives – beginning with a personal, intimate, relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

What is a sleeping bag without a dream? It’s just another place to sleep with a burden of pain. What is a dream without Jesus Christ? It’s just another human endeavor that can end just like so many of mine did. What’s a new life in Christ? A life with the Bible at the forefront, with the Lord God almighty at the helm? It’s everything.

And this is my new dream as part of my life’s mission to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need.

If you would like to make a donation toward the Sweet Dreams Project, please do so and make a note or e-mail me at love@walkbyfaithministry.com to let me know your donation is for this project.

Blessings in the name of the Lord,

Lara Love

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