Terrible Trial, Beautiful Blessing


“But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ ”” Matthew 4:4

I was talking to a loved one one day who was going through a terrible trial. The kind of trial many of us can’t even conceive of. Suffice it to say we all have our trials, but some of them are especially and seemingly infinitely more grueling. The details of hers aren’t the point. The point is this. She shared with me something I believe we all need to hear.

“The Lord made [this happen]to get me to listen,” she said in her own words. “I wasn’t listening. He did it so He could get me to start listening.”

We chatted back and forth for a little while. I had asked her about the incredible change in her since her trial had begun. I had wanted to know what exactly had happened.

“We can’t obey God if we don’t listen to Him,” she said.

That should have been obvious to her and to me, and to all of us, but the reality is that she and I had both learned that the hard way. Like so many of us, we had started out with lots of rebellion in our hearts and actions. And the truth is that a rebellious heart is often a heart that refuses to listen or is willing to listen but continues on in utter devotedness to self rather than to God and His ways. To us instead of to Christ. This can be dangerous, and, ultimately, deadly.

Right in the midst of a terrible trial that thus far had no end in sight, instead of moaning and groaning and feeling sorry for herself like I would imagine so many of us would be prone to do, myself most especially, my friend was thankful for the beautiful blessing she had found. In her suffering, she was learning TO LISTEN – and she was learning TO OBEY.

All for the glory of the Lord!

Maybe you’re in a fiery trial right now. Maybe not. But no matter what, please ask yourself this question. Are you seeking the Lord, and listening, and obeying Him? The number one place to begin is by spending time with Him, with the Bible open before you, and your heart open to Him, to His voice, to His wisdom and direction, and to lovingly faithfully devotedly humbly following Him as His Spirit speaks to your heart and leads you onward!

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