The Abortions I Had


“Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin.” Ezekiel 18:30

You can say anything you want to say, and believe anything you want to believe, and fall for anything this world is telling you, and buy into anything science has to say about it, and fall for anything you have heard, and listen to all the world’s voices patting you on the back and saying it’s alright it’s no big deal it’s not a sin it’s just well you know whatever, and you can subscribe to any excuse, justification, reason, explanation, absolutely anything at all you’ve heard from any source whatsoever, including yourself, and listen to the devil’s whispers telling you his lies that abortion is nothing more than a medical procedure, but there is only one Truth. God’s Truth. There is only One we will stand before and have to give an account of our lives and only One who holds our eternity in His hands as to where we will spend it based on whether we repented of our sins and devoted our lives to Christ or turned our backs on God and bought a high-priced ticket to hell and the lake of fire forever apart from God, convincing ourselves that fulfilling our lusts on this earth and doing what pleased us and the world instead of God was okay when it never was and never will be because we were created to love and worship the Lord. That One is the Lord. Abortion is sin, and I’ve had a whole big bunch of them.

We live in a finger-pointing world, and before you go pointing the finger at “other people” and proudly emphatically declare you have never had an abortion, let me tell you about mine. While clearly one of the saddest sins on this planet is the death of a child by abortion, for which all those who have had abortions, chosen, and supported abortions for the women they got pregnant, or performed them must repent and turn to Christ and receive God’s amazing mercy, or suffer the eternal consequences of un-repented sin, we are fooling ourselves when we point the finger at “those people” and refuse to take responsibility for the abortions we ourselves have had or been accomplice to. Like all the abortions I  have had.

I just in writing this fell to my face on the floor crying out to God for forgiveness for all the abortions I’ve had. Oh Lord have mercy! I am broken over this. He has just shown me! He by His Spirit has led me to repentance! He through Christ has forgiven me! For though I’ve never been pregnant, nor aborted a child, I have so many times aborted what God conceived in me in His desire to birth through me projects, plans, relationships, ministry work, acts of service, ideas, dreams, etc. to fulfill His plan and purpose for my life to love, honor, and glorify Him! Each time I selfishly, rebelliously, chose to please myself instead of to love, revere, and obey Him, I aborted His will.

   Repent and turn to the Lord!

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