The BEST Detox Ever

I know people who have paid a pretty penny to invest in what some companies probably claim is the best detox ever to rid the human body of toxins, troubles, problems, and pains, but I can promise that nothing even comes remotely close to what I know definitively is the best detox ever. And, to top it all off, the best detox ever is entirely free because the price has already been paid by the wealthiest philanthropist in the universe.

Just this morning, I took the best detox ever. And I am more than happy to share my secret with you. In fact, the best detox ever is not a secret at all. The trouble is that those responsible for marketing do not always step up to the plate. So I decided I would go ahead and step up to the plate right here, right now, and for my entire future. That is how strongly I feel about recommending the best detox ever. So what’s the secret, right? It’s time to spill the beans, eh? You can’t wait to hear what I have to say.

The best detox ever is the Lord God almighty, and the best detox ever comes specifically in the form of His Holy Spirit. This best ever, free detox, which can be accessed by any and every human on this earth who confesses and believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, came in the flesh, died on the cross, and rose again, and asks and receives the promised gift of the Holy Spirit, is awesome and amazing.

If you’re wondering what God’s Holy Spirit has to do with a detox, let alone the best detox ever, let me share my experience with you. Just this very morning, I went before the Lord with a notebook, an open heart, an open ear, and the desire to be rid of the toxins I have been carrying not just in my body, but in my soul. I have been so weighed down lately with oppression, emotions, negative thoughts, misery, hurt, rage, and so very much more, that I could not imagine how I would get to the other side but through faith in Jesus Christ.

But even with my faith in Jesus Christ, I was not making any progress. People have prayed for me, I have sought counsel, I have prayed for myself, I have gone to church, studied the Bible, worshiped and praised, and held on tenaciously to the Lord to get to the other side of my troubles – all to no avail. If the truth be known, I was so filled with the toxins of Satan’s lies, the world’s woes, and the insatiable desires and hurts of my flesh, that I could not see or believe past my circumstances, my feelings, my challenges, and the sense of doom and gloom that sat upon me like an unending dark cloud. However, I was blessed to know that several people on whom I had called were standing in the gap and interceding for me. Most importantly, I had called upon the name above all names – Jesus.

If you’re still wondering what any of this has to do with a detox, the answer is simple. No matter how hard I tried myself to get rid of the junk clogging my heart and soul, I could not. No matter how hard others tried to speak or pray me into being free from my troubles, it did not work. I needed a supernatural detox, and it came this very morning.

I often ask these days for the Lord to fill me again with His Holy Spirit, and this morning was no different. Except that in my writing time with the Lord, He showed me how I was holding Him back – and why. Through a conversation I had with the Lord via my writing, I was able to see what I needed to do, what He needed to do, and, most importantly, to get out of the way.

Voila. Just as someone who goes to the health food store, buys a body cleansing detox, and ingests it to start the process, I did the very same thing – with the Holy Spirit. I stopped blocking Him, I let Him all the way into me, and He did what I could not do for myself. He took completely over. And I was filled with such a sweet peace that no words I could possibly write could attest to the depths and heights of the love I received and felt from Him.

Looking back over the past few hours, I am astounded at how unconscious I was of what the Holy Spirit did once I gave Him access. He has literally purged me of the toxins I could not get rid of – the anger, fear, control, bitterness, and so very much more. Though I am not led to share the intimate conversation I had with the Lord regarding how I was standing in His way and why, I am led to share this.

Just as in the Bible some who came to believe in Jesus Christ had not even heard of the Holy Spirit, numerous Christians today know little, if anything, about the Holy Spirit. They are living their lives with faith in the Lord but without knowledge of the Holy Spirit, or at the very least without allowing Him to play an active role in their lives. I do not want to live this way. And I do not want merely a once-in-a-while detox from the Holy Spirit.

I want everything the Lord has for me, and I want to be so transformed by Him that I can and will live the life He has for me on this earth – not for me, but for Him. I do not want this just so I can be blessed, but that I might be an open channel, a pure vessel, of His love, grace, and mercy. I want to share the Gospel and help a world in need. I want His love to flow in and through me – on and on and on.

I smile now as I wrap this up. I smile because I am at such peace. I could lean back right now and fall asleep in His arms. And I just might do that later today. In the meantime, I pray for those reading this that you might open your heart – all the way – to the Lord God almighty.

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