The Big Interview


The Big Interview

“For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.” Romans 14:11-12

Can you picture it? Our lives are over. We’re standing before the Lord. It’s time to give an account of our lives here on earth. Here come the big questions we’ve all been waiting for. Well, that is, if we knew we’re going to stand before the Lord one day. Or, if we knew it and ever thought about it. Lots of us don’t consider this day will come, do we? So here comes the day. And here come the questions. This is no ordinary interview. Not like job interviews we had. Or all the questions on first dates we had. Or interviews with a counselor. Or to get into college. Or whatever. No, these questions are from God. Yeah, God. Creator of the universe. So here goes.

“So how many church services did you go to on earth?”

Lots of them. Tons in fact.

“How many dollars did you throw in the offering plate each week?”

Plenty. Of course. That’s a no brainer.

“How many youth group classes did you teach? Go on missions trips?”

As many as I could. Duh.

“Did you wear a cross? Call yourself a Christian? Say you believed in my Son Jesus? Get baptized as a baby? Have Christian parents?”

Geez. You’re not letting up, God, are you? Man. I mean God.

“How do you plan to get into heaven if you didn’t do all this?”

Buzz. Game show’s over. Questions done. This ain’t no game. This is about where we’re going to spend forever. In heaven with God. Or hell in perpetual torment. And if we think our eternal future will be based on whether we call ourselves Christians, consider this. The word Christian(s) is used only THREE times in the Bible! Having a forever relationship with God and enjoying His love, peace, hope, fellowship, and being given the honor of loving, revering, worshiping, and growing in an ever deepening relationship with Him as Lord, King, Savior, and Creator will NOT be based on a series of questions on whether we say we believe in Jesus, call ourselves Christians, and do the modern day Christianity church etc. stuff.

Now picture this. “Did you love me with all your heart? Did you serve and obey me? Did you turn away from the world and turn to me? Did you walk in my love? Did you live according to my ways? Did you fear and revere me? Did you bow down to me? Did you worship me? Did you die to your selfish ways and devote your heart and life to me utterly? Did you love others? Were you filled with and led by my Spirit? Did your faith in my Son bear fruit? Did you tell others about me? Did you live for me?”

   Are you? Are you living for the Lord?  

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