The Big Purchase


The Big Purchase

 “For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:20

Have you ever purchased something enormous, what to you seems enormous anyway? A house? A car? A trip around the world? A boat? An RV? A brand new wardrobe? A vacation home? A leather jacket? A college education? Maybe you don’t have a big income. Maybe something lots smaller seems equally enormous. No matter how big or small what you purchased, no matter how big or small the cost, to you what you bought was enormous because the cost was gargantuan – or seemed so anyway. Once you purchased it, it was all yours, wasn’t it? You hadn’t just bought it with a price. You had paid more than you can fathom – an amount you might not care to remember in fact as you now thoroughly enjoyed what you now had in your possession. It was now all yours. That enormous item with the enormous price belonged to yours truly. Totally, thoroughly, 100% yours. Oh, how you valued what was yours.

If you repent of your sins, place your trust in Christ who died to pay the penalty for your sins, have entered into a personal relationship with God because He has given you forgiveness through the shedding of Christ’s blood, dedicated your life to the Lord by turning to Him and to His ways, and been promised eternal life with God in heaven, guess what. You have been PURCHASED with an unfathomable price. The price of the life of Christ who gave up His life so you could repent and turn to God and His ways, believe in Christ and follow Him, and spend forever with God. The price you have paid to purchase anything material on this earth is NOTHING compared with the price Christ paid to purchase you so you could become the Lord’s forever.

Have you ever seen a house, car, vacation, new wardrobe, etc. decide it doesn’t belong to you and walk away, or only belong to you some of the time when it feels like it? How many of us have been promised eternal life through faith in Christ but are walking around this earth talking and thinking and acting like our lives still belong to ourselves? We were bought with a price to live utterly in full devotion to the Lord.

   Are you?  

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