The Birthplace for God’s Will


I have never had children, but it is my understanding pregnant women like to have just about everything planned before they go into labor. The right doctor. The right family members around. The right hospital. The right clothes packed in a suitcase. The right babysitter for the other kids. It is also my understanding that an increasing number of doctors are inducing labor to even ensure the baby is born on the right day. Today the Lord laid it on my heart how I have falsely believed that I need all the right circumstances to be in place for Him to birth His will through me.

I truly believed that everything needed to be in order for God to use me the way He desires. I had to feel good, be healed, know enough scriptures, and have absolutely everything in order. How could God possibly birth one of His dreams through me if my circumstances were not just right?

Today I thought about Jesus. I may be wrong, but I am guessing Mary envisioned a comfortable place to birth our Savior. I am guessing she had a particular location in mind, a good time of day, surrounded by her loved ones. Everything would be just right. Doesn’t any pregnant mother expect the best birth to take place in the best of circumstances?

Our very Savior was birthed in a manger, surrounded by animals, wrapped in swaddling clothes. There was no room for him to be born at the inn.

If our Lord was birthed in the least expected, least orderly circumstances, why would I expect God to birth through me His vision and His dreams in what I consider to be the perfect circumstances.

I am currently working on two major book projects. Over the past several days, I have moved greatly forward in a Christian novel. I have also been almost consumed with depression and fatigue following an incredibly painful year. I could not think of a less likely time for the Lord to call me to write for Him.

I also look back at the past year. I believe the Lord touched more lives through my writing and testimony in one of the most painful years of my life than He perhaps ever has before. I could not fathom a less appealing time for me to have given birth to touching lives with His love.

Who are we to choose the time, the place, and the details of when the Lord wants to give birth to dreams through us? Is it possible if we lay aside our limited vision, if we put down our plans, if we become willing to let the labor pains come where and when and how they may, that the Lord could do something extraordinary with our ordinary lives?

Please put down your plans. Give Him your life for His. Today.

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