The Blessing of Mercy

The Lord just reminded me to have mercy. Then He reminded me I would be blessed by extending mercy. I had just finished reprimanding my 14.5 year old Jack Russell Terrier for the umpteenth time. In all my years of working with dogs, I have never met a dog more tenacious, stubborn, rebellious, and, quite honestly, clueless – not to mention adorable, sweet, loving, and a blessing to many of the other dogs whose ears and eyes he bathes. This adorable little bundle of tenacity has shown me more mercy than words can express, and yet I have fallen all too short in extending the same to him. Guess who has missed her blessing? Me! Is there truly a blessing in mercy? Just ask Jesus.

“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy (Mat 5:7 KJV).” Whose words are these? They belong to Jesus. And well they should. Jesus, the greatest giver of mercy in the universe with the exception of our Father in heaven Himself, is calling us to be merciful so we can obtain mercy. What a blessing! So how could I possibly miss this blessing?

All I have to do is take one look at my Jack Russell the next time he misbehaves. Then I remember. I miss the blessing of mercy because I get caught up in my flesh. I become more concerned with how I am being inconvenienced than I do with what Jesus admonishes me to do. Give mercy.

So, just like every other day of my life, I remember to go to my Father in heaven to confess my sin and seek His mercy. I also need to ask Him for the strength to give mercy when the opportunities arise. Otherwise, I miss my blessing. And, quite frankly, I have missed so many blessings in my life because of my shortcomings that I choose this day to seek after the Lord – and His never ending blessings. 

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