The Cost of Your Calling


“I affirm, by the boasting in you which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.” 1 Cor. 15:31

“You’re a truth bearer,” a sister in the Lord told me long ago. Little did I know she was speaking prophetically concerning the labor of love the Lord would call me to as an evangelist doing streets ministry and writing for Him online and in print.

Countless times, He has led me to speak, and to write, the truth about Him and His Word, and to in love deliver messages to people one on one regarding areas of their lives He has wanted them to address via repentance and total surrender to Him. Sometimes I’ve been met with thankfulness. Other times I’ve been met with hatred, disgust, judgment, condemnation, rejection, and abandonment.

He has healed me from the hurts and given me courage, boldness, and perseverance to go forth doing what He has called me to. I have had to accept my calling at times comes with hatred, persecution, rejection, and abandonment. Why do I persevere? I love the Lord Jesus Christ more than anything and anyone, and for Christ I live and learn to die to self and my selfish desires like being loved and approved of.

God’s calling on our lives can come with a cost, sometimes a great one, but following Jesus, and obeying God, nothing on this earth can possibly compare with being in His fellowship forevermore and growing ever closer to Him as we deny self and live and breathe to love God and bring Him glory!

No matter what God has called you to, and no matter the cost, carry on! For Him!

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