The Doorkeeper


The Doorkeeper

“For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.” Psalm 84:10

When I was young, I loved a famous Irish rock band so much I camped out in the wee hours in an exceedingly long line to get what turned out to be 9th row tickets to the event. I was so desperate to hear the band I would probably have sat in the concert parking lot to hear one word of one song.

The psalmist in Psalm 84 is so in love with God he would rather be a doorkeeper of His house than to be away from God in the wickedness of this world. Such yearning! Passion! Fire! Hunger! Thirst! Desire! Cleaving! Commitment! Dedication! Devotion! Steadfastness! Faith! Clinging! He couldn’t get enough of God! He wanted more – and more of God. He was ravenous for God! Even standing in the doorway was better than not being near the Lord at all. As close to God as God would allow Him, the psalmist craved to go. He was in love with the Lord!

I was in love with a rock band. That was only the beginning. I was in love with this world. Men. Alcohol. Bars. Romance. Relationships. People. Tennis. Dogs. Ireland. Sunbathing. Shopping. Sugar. Husbands. Vacations. Books. Writing. Houses. New York. Dreams. Hopes. Escape. Feeling good. Kissing. Holding hands. Attention. Acceptance. The phone. On and on. I would have given anything to have what or whom I wanted. I would have camped out in the parking lot of it all to have one breath of it. I was a sinner lost in humanity’s wickedness, separate from God, headed for hell forever, broken but too full of ignorance and pride to recognize just how far short I fell of the glory of the One I was to come to know.

Today, knowing what and whom I know now, I would trade everything in this world for one single breath of being in the Lord’s presence. I drive people crazy with my passion for the One for whom I have given up this world’s way of living. I don’t live for the world anymore; I live for Him. He is my heart, my life, my breath, my love, my hope, peace, Truth, the One I long for, the One I desire, my forever. He is God. And I would not trade Him for anything in this life on earth. Too many in this world don’t believe in Him and live with their backs turned to Him. Which way are you turned? Are you living for this world or for the Lord? Do you love Him without limit? This is not about religion and traditions, rules and regulations, or heaven or hell. This is about this very hour. Is He your all? Do you really know Him? Have you taken the time to? If you do, you would know this. A doorkeeper in His house for one moment would be better than a lifetime of what this world offers. He is Lord!

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