The Dream that Never Died


Some dreams live. Some dreams live roller coaster lives. Some dreams die. Some dreams die hard. And some dreams never die. I have lived a life of dreams, of dreaming to be more precise. But how many of my dreams have I really lived? There is one dream in my life that has never died, no matter how many times I perceived it to be dead. This dream is alive and thriving – not because it is my dream at all, but because this dream belongs to the Lord.

I belong to the Lord, and I have given Him all my dreams. I no longer want to live my dreams for my sake. I want to live His dreams for His sake and glory. When I gave my dreams up to Him, I discovered that some of my dreams were not His at all. I had to be willing to let them go. Other dreams, I found, were His all along. But I had taken His dreams for me and created havoc with them by trying to live those dreams according to the standards, the ways, and the expectations of the world instead of Him. The dreams I have had that were His all along, wow. So amazing. When I gave up my dreams to Him, He began to teach me how to live those dreams in the most magnificent way – led by Him. The results have been astounding.

What do I mean by creating havoc with the dreams that were both His and mine? I took gifts, and blessings, and dreams He had given me and set the Lord to the side, to the back, to anywhere but in the center of my life and in the center of the dreams. I chased after those dreams for my own satisfaction, for my own pleasure, to meet my own needs, etc. The dreams were about me, and they were about the world. Example?  The Lord brought someone into my life, but I would seek from that person something for myself rather than see the Lord wanted to use me in that person’s life to help them in their journey with Jesus.

But then there are the dreams truly given to me by God – and the ones I am learning to live according to His ways. Yes, led by the Lord! And there is one dream that stands out above so many others because it has been with me for so very long. For decades, in fact. This, in reality, is a dream that never died. And I praise the Lord for that. For I took this dream for decades and did a lot with it for which I later had to repent.

This dream? Writing. I have been writing on and off since I was a little girl. I was so dedicated to writing as a girl that my mother gave me a little red file box to keep my writing in. The box could not come close to holding all that I wrote, and yet that box remains with me today. To this day, it cannot come close to holding all I write. But it is there to remind me of a dream that truly has not died.

Though my memory of my childhood is very limited, my mother told me I sold my poetry at my lemonade stand one day when I ran out of lemonade. I also used to bug her in grocery stores to find something to write on. She would pull envelopes out of her purse for me to pour the writing out onto. It seemed I could never get enough of writing. I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote. I could tell so many stories about all I wrote, when I wrote, how I wrote. The stories would go on and on, just like the writing!

But alas, this is not only a dream that almost died. It is a dream that looked like it died over and again. But like a fire whose embers are barely visible, the embers of this dream remained. And though I used this gift of writing the Lord gave me for so many purposes other than for Him, the dream still never fully died. For years upon years, I wrote for the wrong reasons. I wrote the wrong stuff. I wrote for the wrong people and places.  And, at times, I gave up writing. I was distracted, disinterested, disgusted, who knows what. Always something. Always something that could have killed this dream. It could have died; but it would not.

Yes, this was a dream that would not die. And far more beautiful than how alive this dream is in my life today is the knowing, the certainty, that this dream is no longer for me. The Lord gave it to me, and I have given it back to Him. I write for Him. I write for His glory. I write for Him to be known, and for whatever purpose(s) He has for the writing. Along with my entire work life, some years ago I repented for all that I had done with my writing through the years. And I committed it to Him.

I wonder how many of us walk around with dreams that do not belong to the Lord – dreams we need to let go. I wonder how many of us walk around with dreams that are the Lord’s – but that we use for the wrong purposes. I wonder how many of us walk around with dreams that truly are HIS that we simply cannot see. I wonder how many of us walk around and do not have dreams at all because we have become so beaten down by life – or perhaps we don’t recognize them, or believe they have died when clearly they have not.

Whose dreams are you living today? Yours? Someone else’s? The world’s? Your mother’s from forty years ago? Your husband’s? Do you have dreams? Are they alive? Are they the Lord’s? Do you even know? Or have you not thought lately, or ever, about the dreams the Lord has for your life? Have you ever prayed for the Lord to show you His dreams for your life? Have you ever asked Him if you have any dreams you need to let go? Have you ever looked to see if that long-time dream He gave you might be alive when you have assumed it dead?

One thing I know for certain about the dreams that matter. The dreams that matter are from the Lord, and for the Lord. And we get blessed, I believe, in the process of living them.

The first, and foremost, matter in my life is my deeply personal, intimate, amazing, phenomenal, incredible, beautiful, magnificent, sometimes hard yes, often challenging, but always so wonderful, relationship with the Lord God almighty. I have eternal life through my faith in Jesus. I have an abundant life on earth through my faith in Jesus. And the dreams the Lord gives me, when dedicated to Him, are alive – whether or not I am pursuing them. Today, I am blessed to say, I am not only chasing after the Lord as the love of my life. I am pursuing His dreams.

Is it time for you to sit down at the feet of Jesus and seek the Lord’s face? 

Father God, you told me not to use any scriptures in this devotional. You know I love your Word, and I hesitated to obey you with this. But you are Lord. You are sovereign. And you have a reason. So I trust you with this. Perhaps you want to bring scriptures to the minds and hearts of those who read this today. Or perhaps you have a different reason. I only know this. Thank you, and I mean THANK YOU, for being my number one dream. You are the love of my life! 

And thank you, dear, dear, Lord, for the dreams you have given me. Lord, for so long, I lived those dreams for everything but you. Here I am to say, Lord, I am yours. Please, dear Lord, watch over the lives of those who read this. Lead them to your feet, Jesus. And lead them, Lord, to know the dreams you have for them. Help them to live those dreams, and to live them for your glory. In the name of my beloved Jesus, AMEN.

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