The Girl on the Run


   “My beloved is mine, and I am his…” Son. 2:16

I watched her. Young. Woman. Girl perhaps. In black. Clothes. Black. Hair. Black. In flight. Running. First one way. Then the other. Looking for something. Or someone. I thought I recognized her. But she wasn’t who I thought she was. Someone else. Someone I didn’t know I came to find. Someone on the run. Searching. Looking. Seeking. Unable to find. Whatever it was she was needing. Wanting. Or both. Then we crossed paths. Ever so briefly. She told me what she needed. So simple. Easy. She was defensive though. Like I wouldn’t want to help with what she needed. Like I wouldn’t believe her need. Her motive. As insignificant, trivial, as it was. Our paths crossed so briefly. Off she went. Back into her life. Slower this time. Not running. Walking. With someone this time. Walking but she was still running anyway. I knew.

I know running when I see it. Two reasons. The Holy Spirit gives me such strong discernment about people in need. Then for this reason. I was a runner. A distance runner. Not cross country. Not track. Not in sport. I ran geographically. From place to place. And relationally. From person to person. Man to man. Relationship to relationship. Physically. From one thing to the next. When I wasn’t changing places, and people, and stuff, I was still running. In my heart. Seeking, searching, yearning. Needing – desperately – to get out of where I was. Of who I was. On the run.

I didn’t stop running when I found Jesus. I only believed. I didn’t follow. Now I follow. The Lord is mine, and I am His (Son. 2:16). Forever. I’m still a mover. I don’t sit still well. But I’m no longer running from life, from me, in dire need of salvation, of deliverance. For I have Christ, and the Holy Spirit who fills me, and God’s Word He uses to teach and grow me, and God who loves and forgives and leads me by His precious gracious Spirit. And now I have purpose. To help build God’s Kingdom.

Including to recognize others on the run. So if and as God’s Spirit leads me, I can help them discover and repent and turn to and commit to what I have. Him. I still run, you know. I run into the arms and mercy and eternal life of the Lord. God almighty in Christ. If you’re on the run and need help, please contact me or someone who knows and follows the Lord. My number is 843-338-2219, my e-mail is If you follow Jesus, please keep your heart and eyes open. Don’t hoard the Lord. This world is in dire need of Christ, and everywhere there are people running who could use God’s servants to direct them to Him and help them follow Him. Oh, that we would all run – to the Lord, oh, to the Lord!

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