The Humble Helper

Psa 121:1  A Song of degrees. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. 
Psa 121:2  My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. 

The best helper in the universe is the Holy Spirit of God who among other things is referred to in the Bible as the “Helper,” but rest assured God has human helpers worldwide living their lives for Him as I was reminded over the past few months when God called me to move forward greatly in my ministry work and helped me to do just that. Not only did He send me a host of prayer warriors both locally and around the nation to pray me up, through, and forward in this new, exciting, and humbling phase of my ministry life, but He also utterly surprised me by sending me one specific humble helper who seemed to appear out of absolutely nowhere. But to me what seemed like out of “nowhere” was, of course, God’s way of dropping another blessing clear down from heaven.

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When God called me to take the three books I had written out of circulation and led me to repentance for having written them with the wrong heart of feeling I had to prove myself because I had been so filled with self-hatred instead of filled with the love of the Holy Spirit as I should have been, little did I know He was preparing me to embark on a wild and blessed adventure of writing, printing, and distributing Gospel tracts and the brand new Walk by Faith Devotional in print. I had absolutely no experience writing and printing pocket-sized booklets, and no experience writing Gospel tracts let alone a devotional in print to be produced monthly. But with my usual over-the-top fervor, I went plunging into my new adventure – no experience and all.

After a great deal of research conducted in a relatively short period of time to find the means to print the Gospel tract, I discovered the enormous expense and the time-consuming nature of hiring a company to publish what I wrote. It would never work beyond publishing a small number of tracts. So that’s exactly what I did. I spent a good amount of money on a small amount of tracts and came quickly to a standstill. What would I do next? I needed to do more research. Tons of calls. Stress. Prayer. Worry. Ugh. Back to the drawing board – over and again.

first issue of the WALK BY FAITH DEVOTIONAL
available individually or in bulk upon request

Finally, as I became more exasperated and had no idea as of yet how God would plant in me His vision to begin the Walk by Faith Devotional, I stumbled upon a ministry tucked away in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere South Carolina that was dedicated exclusively to printing millions of tracts to be distributed around the world. What an amazing concept! Perhaps they could help me? Or so I thought. God, being God, had a plan far greater than I could imagine.

Despite the busyness of this world, and how absorbed so many of us can become in our own endeavors, the man in charge of this ministry told me point blank that he could not help me by printing my tracts. But this is not all of what he told me, nor all of what would happen. For what was about to transpire – particularly in this day and age when I encounter such greed and self absorption more than I ever have – has humbled me beyond measure.

This man, unbeknownst to me, had been sent by God to be my humble helper. For this complete stranger, whom to this day I have never met and who had virtually no spare time given his phenomenal work printing Gospel tracts to send out to the world, made an on-the-spot decision when he spoke with me. Though he could not do my printing for me, he took it upon himself to teach me how to do what I needed to do without having to go to another company.

My humble helper, never asking for a single penny, never asking for a pat on the back nor expecting one, spent the next few months coaching me by phone, sending me countless e-mails, instructing and coaching and encouraging me, walking me through step by step all that I needed to do, and even designing the template I would need for my tract.

Perhaps most astonishing of all for me was that when it was time to purchase my first industrial printer that would enable me to produce mass amounts of Gospel tracts, God used him to show me how much I had limited the vision God had given me. For I imagined myself printing small amounts of Gospel tracts. But God had much greater plans. My humble helper encouraged me to think big, and to not box God in. What little I knew at the time. For soon afterward, God called me to begin the monthly devotional which in only a few weeks time has been distributed in multiple parts of the country and seems to be growing even as I write in what I believe the Lord plans to do with it. When it was time to start the devotional God laid on my heart, I already had the training and the equipment. And, to top it all off, I now had, and have, a brother in the Lord whom I will likely never even meet who is there at the other end of the telephone not seeing me as competition because of the tracts and devotionals Walk by Faith Ministry is now producing, but as a co-laborer in the Lord with a heart like his to see the most important message in the universe be sent out into this world far and wide – the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It never even crossed my mind that God would send me a humble helper to get me started with what He has now begun in and through me. I am most humbled by my holy helper, the Holy Spirit, and humbled by the Lord’s ever graciousness in sending the human – and humble – help I have needed and will continue to need as I walk down this narrow highway of following the Lord Jesus Christ with a heart ever desirous to get the Gospel out there so that lives will be saved.

To God be ALL glory!

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