The Joy of Loving & Miracle Dogs


I turn the fan on before I climb into bed for the night. Red, the infamous miracle dog who co-founded Walk by Faith Ministry, climbs onto one of the two baby mattresses that lie next to my bed. Then he climbs off. He knows better. Winnie, the two-footed dog, hoists her body into the air on her two front feet, walks in her unique way into my bedroom, and lifts herself onto the mattress. Along comes Glory, mostly blind. She finds her way to the second mattress and comes aboard. Mother Theresa, the Granny-aged dog whose owner planned to shoot and kill her who was rescued by a man who fled from the police and abandoned her who was horrifically attacked by a foster sibling dog, waits until she finds a spot to lay down her ancient body on the mattresses. All aboard. I watch these gifts from God, all miracles in their own right, all uniquely different from the average dog. All are memorials of God’s supernatural power – and His unfailing, everlasting love.

I have fallen short in all sorts of ways today, impatient, testy, snappy, voice raised at times. But when all is said and done, and I have sought the Lord’s forgiveness, I can go to sleep knowing this. I live a simpler life than most, and do not receive the paychecks of many. I have had one vacation in four years. I have walked through hell and back with loss and grief, tragedy and trauma. But one thing is certain. There is no greater joy on this earth, I believe, than in loving the Lord and loving His Creation. I watch all God’s miracles that fall asleep on their special mattresses. And I know I am one of them, too. A miracle of God – because of His precious Son Jesus. I lay me down to sleep in His loving embrace. Sweet dreams. Amen.

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