The Light of Life – John 8:12


The Light of Life

“…I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” John 8:12

    I used to dress in black. Daily. Black is NOT my color. But it was the color of my heart. I was in the perpetual mourning that comes with a broken life. I was drowning in alcoholism, an eating disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from childhood sex abuse, suicidal despair, and more. A counselor thought I saw the light, but didn’t believe in it. The devil disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14). The only “light” I saw was the darkness of my heart and this world. Today, I see the light and believe in it. I never wear black. My heart shines with the light of Christ.

I want nothing more than for this world to turn away from the darkness of sin and yield itself utterly to the Father of Lights (James 1:17). For God has called us to be children of light (John 12:36), and for our lights to shine so the world sees Him (Mt. 5:16). Darkness has never left my side; it is ever present in this world and longs to lure God’s children back into its fatal hold. Sometimes it starts seeping into my heart until I see it and repent of it. For I know whom I follow and the promise Christ has made that His followers will not live in darkness but have the light of life. Himself!

Following Him is the hardest thing I’ve ever done because daily I must learn to die to self and what my flesh desires and turn to God and His ways which are contrary to the world’s. But even on my hardest days, deep within I have a peace and joy because I know I will  live forever in the blessed light of my forever Lord and God. The world is getting ever darker; evil is everywhere, threatening to overtake the light. But the Lord will overcome it all with His forever light, and those who will die to themselves daily and live by faith in Christ the way God has called us to live can rest assured He will bathe us forever in the everlasting love of His eternal light!

   If we are truly walking in God’s light, it will show in our hearts, words, thoughts, decisions, and actions. Are you walking in His light?

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