The Only Thing that Matters

One of my favorite things in the whole world to do is to snuggle up on my little feather bed and pile of comforters I have fashioned into a bed in the tiny corner of my little room that is mostly occupied by paralyzed dogs Mr. Simeon and Miss Mercy, severely disabled Little Miss Miracles, and oh so elderly Speckles and Elijah who spend most of their lives cuddled up in their own little beds – and STUDY THE BIBLE, SEEK THE LORD’S FACE, and WRITE. But as much as I love to write almost Daily Inspiration online, and my Gospel tracts and devotionals, and books as the Lord leads me, my absolute favorite writing is in the little notebooks I fill with pouring my heart out to the Lord, Bible study notes, and the messages He pours into my heart. Every once in a while, I cannot help but publish the words that come to me in these so-called “God’s Notebooks.” Like these. . . 

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a whirlwind of activity, in a flurry of chaos, in a maelstrom of choices and possibilities and opportunities – only to find yourself spinning in so many directions you can hardly find yourself able to focus – if you can focus at all? Perhaps this little piece from my heart might point you in the right direction (this little preface added). . . 

Lord, I caught myself before I went running in a million directions. I remembered that the only thing that truly matters at the end of the day is you. Not all the little scattered thoughts, not the grievances and the stuff that can be so irritating, not how people have upset me and how clearly some I see I still must forgive, not the never-ending long mental list of things I convince myself I absolutely must do (today, mind you), not all the achievements and accomplishments the world tried to convince me I needed to make, nor to take the bait the devil never stops holding out tantalizingly before me, no, none of this matters really, not in the grand scheme of things. It is all a temptation, a distraction, a way I have spent so much of my life hanging onto for dear life the [people and stuff of this world]as I was pulled and sucked away [and still so easily can be]from what I now know is my one true, and greatest love – you. [At the end of the day, of each and every day, Lord, and at the end of our very lives, Lord, you are the one that matters!]

So God, I ask this day, and that each and every day, you would remind me to turn away from all the noise and chaos of this world not to mention this human flesh of mine that can get so easily pulled under this great riptide of life as so many of us humans know it, and help me to focus on you, to hear your will, and to have the discipline and desire and ability to please you in all that I do. This I pray, oh Lord, from my heart to you. Amen. 

If this piece from my heart has touched you in any way, please don’t pray my little prayer. Pray your very own! For God sees each and every one of our hearts. . . 

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