The Privilege to Serve

I spent much of my life being served and expecting to be served. I figured I would reap as much as I could from this world. I had a heart full of compassion, but compassion doesn’t go very far with the self-centered lifestyle I led. I had a heart full of a bunch of human love, but human love doesn’t last very long nor get very far either in the face of life’s trials not to mention my sins running rampant. I did my best to do what the world taught me. Me, me, me. Isn’t that what the world teaches? Today, I have less materially than I ever had. I don’t have all the people and stuff I so desperately wanted. Nor am I living the dreams I had for myself. But then, it is a wonder I am alive at all. For I spent years of my life wanting to end it. When I lived my life for myself, I was miserable and messed up.

What a privilege it is to gather with churches, ministries, and others
at the weekly People Helping People outreach in Savannah, GA,
where preaching, prayer, and ministry,
along with food, clothes, and toiletries are available
for the homeless and others in need……..

Now, I live my life for the Lord. And though there is so incredibly much I have lost as well as not gotten, I have the very best of all. I have a personal relationship with God through my faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. And with the Lord living inside my heart now, I have lost my desire for so much of what I desired in this world. But one desire I do have above all else – to love the Lord with all my heart and my neighbor as myself. Not with my love, but with His.

No longer do I desire for the world to serve me. Now I desire to love and serve the Lord – and to serve my fellow man. I have little materially anymore to give to people wanting stuff. But now as I seek to love, and to serve, I have the greatest gift in the universe to give to someone in need. The Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord and the Word.

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45 NASB

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