The Right Writing Life

God gives us gifts, but we don’t always use the gifts for what they were intended – for Him. Such was the case for so very many years – even, to my surprise, not so very long ago – with the gift of writing He has given me. But God took a hold of my heart, not just once, but as many times as He needed to, to lead me to live the right writing life – as opposed to the one I had been living.

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As far back as I can remember, I have been writing. Even as a little girl, I could not get enough of paper, pens, and the words that poured out of me. As time passed, and as computers came on the scene, I had all the more opportunity to pour out words – faster than ever. But when I had become a committed Messianic Jew, a wholehearted follower of Jesus the Messiah, the Lord took a hold of my heart. One day, sitting at the kitchen table with a beloved mentor, the Lord convicted me of what I had done with the gifts He had given me.

Paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon enjoying my new laptop tray in my home office
while severely disabled senior dog Little Miss Miracles snuggles on my blanket. . .

I had used them for myself and for the world rather than for Him. I repented and told  Him I wanted to use the gifts for His glory. Some years later now, with the life and ministry mission to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need, I aspire to use my writing as an avenue to preach the Gospel, teach God’s Word, and encourage and inspire people to be dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.


In recent years, as I began to pour out words to glorify God online, I felt led to write and publish books as well. Over several years, I was delighted, and blessed, to write and publish three books. But in July 2014, in a short season of seeking the Lord’s face and will, I was convicted by the Lord that while the books were fine and might perhaps touch people’s lives, that I had not written them with the right heart. I had written them with the prideful desire to accomplish something, to prove that I had a value though I was riddled with self-hatred, to prove that I had a worth though I was filled with self-condemnation, to prove that I had a significance though I felt everything but. I knew that I could continue to make the books available, but I felt the conviction that in my repentance from my pride of wanting to prove myself that the best thing I could do would be to take them out of circulation.

Just as Abraham lay down his son Isaac at the altar in an act of submission and obedience, I needed to be willing to give up my books and do something utterly life-changing and incredibly freeing. I needed to humble myself, to once again submit the gifts God has given me to Him, and to trust that in due season I would use His gifts for His glory – not in pride, but in humble adoration of the greatest gift of all. The Lord.

While the first three books I wrote will no longer be in circulation, at least until God says otherwise if He should ever choose to do so, it is my hope, and prayer, that the writing I now do will be from a pure and humble heart and bring great glory to the Lord to whom all praise and honor are due.

1st issue of the WALK BY FAITH DEVOTIONAL, November 2014

I am excited, and blessed, as of November 2014, I am now writing, printing, and distributing Gospel tracts & the Walk by Faith Devotional in print as I continue forth in pursuit of fulfilling my life’s calling to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need. The Lord has blessed me with the technology to print directly out of Walk by Faith Ministry rather than needing to outsource for printing to other companies. This technology allows me to write, print, and distribute as often as He leads me without the extra expense of outsourcing or having to wait the extended periods of time it can take to place orders and wait on deliveries.

Gospel Tract called “Finding the Light”

It amazes me what God is doing through this new, and humbled, heart He has given me in all aspects of my work with Walk by Faith Ministry and most assuredly with the gift of writing He gave me so very long ago that is now fully and utterly dedicated along with my entire life to Him.

To the Lord belongs all glory!


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