The Tears I Cried

I just cried hard as I watched a video of a young woman who did not receive the love she desired from her father. We all have our stories, but this one hit close to home. I have let few people into this deepest place in my heart, and few people know the details of my story. But then, we all have our stories. The details don’t matter so much, but what matters is that we all have a need. And no matter how many places and people to whom we turn to fill that need, there is only one who truly ever will. Jesus.

And as I watched the video, I saw the joy in this girl’s heart as she became a woman and ended up having a baby of her own. She considered aborting the baby, but she found her decision to keep the baby resulted in the most beautiful gift from her Father in heaven. He birthed this precious baby through His daughter, and she took joy in the child He birthed through her. It reminded me that the tears we cry can one day become joy. It reminded me that when we give our lives to the Lord, that He can birth in and through us His dreams, His desires, His gifts, His blessings – no matter how hard the circumstances we endure along the way. I thank God today that my Father lives in heaven, and that He is the greatest Father of all. He is my perfect Father, and He can be yours, too. I thank God for the dreams He births in and through me, and that over time He turns my tears into joy. Joy really does come in the morning. Sometimes it’s such a long night, but He holds me through the night and wakes to embrace me in the morning…………

Psa 126:5 KJV  “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”

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