“Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God; him shalt thou serve, and to him shalt thou cleave, and swear by his name.” Deut. 10:20

In a day and age when comfort is sought like a hot commodity, in a culture in America and perhaps in other nations too in which comfort – not to mention pleasure – is desired and yearned for and pursued like it’s an enormously high if not highest priority in life, is it any wonder that I have heard time and again from people serving the Lord that they became or have become entirely burned out from working excessively hard and having few, if any, people to serve the Lord alongside them?

And is it any wonder that some, if not many, of those serving may in fact be choosing their positions and areas of service, based on what they’re comfortable with, familiar with, accustomed to, what best fits their schedules, what doesn’t involve too much driving, what their friends are doing, what they like to do, what’s popular, what’s risk-free or low-risk anyway, what brings pats on the back rather than rejection, hatred, and persecution, what their loved ones and church buddies said they should do, what makes them feel good about themselves, what makes them feel like they can scratch something off their to-do list, what makes them feel like they’ve accomplished something, what isn’t an inconvenience to them, and like they’ve done their good deed(s), what doesn’t come with a cost, or too much of one, to their flesh, to their personal dreams and desires?

Sadly, some become so burned out from doing so much while others are doing so little if anything at all, they end up able to do little if anything at all. Or frustrated because they can’t keep up with it all. Or they become angry, bitter, resentful, and simply walk away. Yes, quit.

What’s the message in all this? If those who follow Christ ALL do our part in serving God, if we truly see ourselves as and act like the servants of Christ we are, if we are willing to forsake comfort, convenience, ease, and what we want, and humbly seek the Lord and do for His glory what He wants, acting all together as one Body, Christ’s body, we His servants, Christ our master, we will see what God intended all along. His Kingdom of Christ followers increased, edified, loved, and supported, growing in His image, and new followers joining longer time followers alongside one another, yes, side by side, lovingly, adoringly, passionately pursuing Christ as glorious Lord, Savior, King, and master that in unity His followers would help build His forever Kingdom. Is it not a tragedy when we choose temporary comfort – and pleasure – over Christ whose love and Kingdom are everlasting? Is the Spirit of God speaking to your heart? Is it time to humble yourself and serve in Christ’s name? Not based on your comfort and wants, but on God’s will and for His glory?

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