Time for My Next Book – WOW!

So if I thought for a minute I would take a vacation after my whirlwind tour of writing and publishing my newest book SIMPLE JOY: A Shabby Chick Christian’s Inspiration for a JOY-Full Life in a period of weeks over the past month, I would have been a fool. But I know God – and my lifestyle – better than that by now.

I am excited to say along with writing the Walk by Faith Devotional and Bible Takeout on the ministry’s website on an almost daily basis, I have already embarked on my next book. How could I not give God EVERY OUNCE OF GLORY for the gifts He has given me and for the way He continues to move so mightily in and through my heart and life. What can I say but WOW?!

Or, should I say BARK-HOWL-RUFF – ’cause Walk by Faith Ministry’s 18 very special doggies keep me on my toes on a daily basis just in the off chance I might re-consider that idea of taking a vacation – or day off, maybe? 

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