“Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”” John 8:12………..

I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I am going to be totally transparent with you. I am going to tell you something I prefer to tell nobody at all. Something I thought I would tell only a couple of friends solely for prayer and support. Why I am telling you this? Because I want you to hear the message in it. The message about Jesus.

Even at 51 years old, I still struggle at times with the aftermath of having been sexually abused as a child. A certain time of year is especially hard for me. And sometimes I don’t feel safe going to sleep at night. So much so that I have recently been sleeping with the light on. Now let me tell you about Jesus as the tears well up further in my eyes.

The Lord isn’t some hard, tough, mean, cold, far-away God sitting way up high in the sky too busy with the rest of the world to know our hearts, to see our struggles, to recognize our needs, and to do something about them. Jesus died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead so all who turn from their sins and believe in Him as Lord, truly turning their lives over to God and His ways, are forgiven and enter into a forever PERSONAL INTIMATE EVER-GROWING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD!

The Lord loves us so much He wants us to be in His forever fellowship. He wants us in His presence. He wants to love us and be with us and spend time with us and teach us and grow us and correct us and forgive us and draw us to Himself and delight in us and us in Him and TO COMFORT US in our struggles.

Know what the Lord did for me? He gave me the verse above. He reminded me my true safety and healing and comfort and love and mercy and grace and redemption ARE IN CHRIST who is THE LIGHT OF THIS WORLD and THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE and THE LIGHT WHO IS WITH ME FOREVER. Then He used one of the few people I told to remind me it’s okay to sleep with the light on. I just need to remember who is my true and forever light!

He cares for us so much He will carry us through anything and everything when we yield ourselves to His lordship. Does this mean we won’t struggle? No! We will at times. Sometimes greatly. But we don’t have to struggle alone. Because the Lord will be with us and lead us through it all.

Maybe you wonder why I would tell you something so personal. Here’s why. Because God loves you, and I love you, and I want you to give yourself wholly to Jesus in such a way you are entirely His and your heart and life day by day are totally surrendered to His forever love and everlasting lordship – care, mercy, compassion, and comfort and healing included.

Do you need love? And comfort? And healing? Give yourself to Jesus, friend. May He be your forever light. May you be forever and ever the Lord’s! AMEN!

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