Today’s Little Letter from Lara


Dear friend,

The best refreshing in life doesn’t come from a good night’s sleep or a wonderful far-away vacation or a trip to the spa or anything of this world at all. It comes from time spent in the presence of the Lord with our hearts and Bibles wide open to the Lord and His Word, to His love, grace, peace, hope, joy, comfort, wisdom, direction, conviction, chastening, lordship, fellowship, friendship, communion, graciousness, mercy, plans for us, purpose for us, and to His voice speaking personally in line with His Word to our hearts. Alone in His presence with His Word, we can take delight in Him, pour out our hearts to Him, rejoice in Him, cry to Him, hunger for Him, thirst for Him, learn from Him, learn of Him, be changed by Him, be conformed to Him, be led to repentance, be taught by Him, be drawn to Him, come closer to Him, and Him to us, experience Him, enjoy Him, praise Him, worship Him, adore Him, relax in Him, rest in Him, trust in Him, be challenged by Him, and on and on – and on.

My greatest refreshing isn’t from a good night’s sleep. It comes in being in the presence of Jesus whether I’m sitting quietly on my little hotel bed reading the Bible or out taking one of my rigorous walks singing to Him and praising Him and praying to Him aloud. Jesus the Christ is my highest priority every breath of my life. There is nothing, and nobody, more refreshing in the universe than the Lord.

I am exhausted much of the time from being on the road for Jesus full-time, from the intensity and extremity of my ministry work, from the spiritual battles that sometimes are seemingly relentless, from caring for the ministry’s 5 special needs service doggies, from the personal challenges I have faced for decades and continue to face, and from not being a great sleeper. But even in the midst of it all, I find refreshment. Even exhausted, I can be refreshed. Refreshed in my spirit. In my soul. In my heart. In Christ!

I encourage you to make your highest priority in life the Lord Jesus Christ. And may your number one endeavor each and every day be stepping away from the cares of this life and spending time alone with Jesus and the Bible. Be refreshed, friend, in Jesus!

Love in the Lord’s most precious glorious name,


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