Dear friend,

Do you ever feel weary? Tired? Exhausted? Even like giving up? Quitting? Whatever it is you know the Lord has called you to do no matter how big or how small? I’m here to encourage you to press on. Don’t give up. There is nothing more important in the universe than believing in and humbly lovingly faithfully following Jesus. And the Lord will give you every amount of love, mercy, strength, energy, wisdom, directions, compassion, comfort, rest, resources, absolutely everything you need to do His will day by day. Please return your focus to Jesus if you’re focused on your challenges. Focus on Him. And open up the Bible and dive in. Get recharged. Sit at the feet of Jesus and spend time in His company. Then go out into your day with the resolve to follow His lead. For the glory of God, yes, AMEN!

In His most awesome love and strength,

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