“If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honor.” John 12:26

The Lord makes it abundantly clear from start to finish of the Bible which contains within it our instructions for life that loving Him with all our hearts as He commands us to do above all else goes hand in hand with serving Him with all our hearts! But what does that look like for you and me? Where is the starting point?

Loving Him with all our hearts begins at the cross. With turning from our sins and receiving Christ as Lord of our lives! How about serving Him? Serving Jesus begins with loving Jesus! Once again, it begins at the cross! But serving Jesus doesn’t end there. That’s the beginning point! What does the verse above show us?

That we need to follow Jesus! The original Greek word translated into “follow” also per Strong’s concordance includes in its meaning essentially to be “in the way of” or to be in the company of. We need to be in Jesus’ company to serve Jesus! How so? We who believe in Jesus as Lord are filled with His Spirit to empower us, lead and guide us, change us, and enable us to do whatever He calls us to do. And we should diligently, daily, and devotedly spend time alone with the Lord and the Bible to hear Him speak personally to our hearts as He leads us day by day to love and serve Him.

How did I end up on the road for Jesus full-time in the US with 5 special needs dogs doing streets ministry and writing and publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books that go out around the world? Not a single human being told me to do this! No person called me into ministry! Nobody told me to sell my house, give away almost everything, take a bunch of special needs dogs, and live and breathe to love and worship God and tell the world about Him!

No human told me which hotels to go to, how long I should stay in each town, when to leave, whom to share the Gospel with, who needed prayer, that I should write a series of Gospel tracts, to write the books I’ve written, to start this brand new GOOD NEWS DAILY, to have two wheelchair dogs along with the others God uses regularly to introduce me to people to talk to about Him, etc.

Every aspect of my ministry work for the Lord, of my service to Him, comes from His directions to me which I find in the Bible and in spending alone time with Him listening for His voice and personal instructions to me which are always in line with His Word!

How do I serve Jesus, and how should you? We need to believe in Him as Lord! We need to follow Him as Lord! We need to be filled and re-filled with His Spirit! We need to be led by His Spirit! We need to spend time with the Lord regularly! We need to pray to Him and to listen to Him! And we need to obey Him!

We need to serve Jesus by lovingly following Jesus and actively, devotedly, faithfully being in His company and following His lead in all things – service included!

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