Too Broken to Matter

Have you ever felt too broken to matter? I have. Many times. Too many to count. For so long, I felt too broken to matter. I learned long ago that “feelings aren’t facts”, but they sure do “feel” that way sometimes. I have returned in weeks past to a place of utter brokenness for a number of reasons, and I did not realize until my time with the Lord earlier today that I had also returned to feeling I was too broken to matter. How could I possibly love and serve the Lord amid such brokenness?

The Lord brought me back to the truth. He reminded me that His gifts are to be used, not buried. Why? They are HIS gifts – for HIS glory. And HIS gifts are not to be used in my strength, but in HIS strength. If He has called me to use them, He will equip me to use them.

It dawns on me that maybe my brokenness isn’t such a bad thing after all. Why? I am truly too broken to stand in His way. In my weakness, may His strength comes shining through. In my imperfection, may His perfection break forth. I am but a vessel. I am but His clay. In my Potter’s hands. May He continue to use me for His glory. Broken and all. 

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