Trust God With Your Actions

When I approached God over the past week about three areas in my life that were troubling me, His answer was clear, simple, and direct. He told me quite frankly that I was not trusting Him, and that He would not be able to move me forward until I made the decision to trust Him. How easy it would be for me to report that all I have to do now is trust Him. But I have a long history of getting excited about hearing from the Lord and deciding to do what He has told me. One thing I know for certain about trust, however, is that words are not enough. In fact, words mean nothing at all when it comes to trust unless I back them with action.
“The Lord told me I need to trust Him,” I can tell my friends. “All I need to do is trust God,” I can write and share with my fellows. Or, “I’m so excited to see what my life looks like now that I have decided to trust God.” Words, words, words. Words will not suffice. But what exactly do I mean when I say I need to back my words with actions?

Suppose I tell a friend that I have chosen to trust God with the finances of Walk by Faith Ministry. Actually, this is not merely a supposition. I just got off the phone with a friend after telling her exactly that. So what kind of actions must I now take? One example is that I need to proceed with taking care of special needs dog Mother Theresa, who is exhibiting serious medical symptoms again and is nearing the end of her life. What does this have to do with trust? When I look at the ministry’s finances right now, it is not an ideal time to spend even an extra penny on anything other than our baseline budget. But Mother Theresa needs help, and I need to trust God He will provide the finances for her medical care.

On a personal note, my own budget is beyond exceedingly tight. When I look at my circumstances in terms of my finances and specific needs I have, everything points in the direction of falling into a panic and running out to grab another job, any job. But the Lord has called me to this ministry full-time, at least thus far, and I have two choices. I can trust God and continue to do the work He has called me to do, or I can follow the voice of fear and start applying for jobs. It is not enough to simply tell people that I trust God. The action I need to take is to obey what He tells me to do and trust He will provide what I need. Am I willing to get another job? Absolutely yes. But until, or unless He tells me to do so, I need to put my trust into action by pursuing the plans He has for my life.

If all I do is trust God with my words, I have accomplished nothing. If I trust Him with my actions, I am walking the walk and not merely talking the talk. Now that I have heard loud and clear that I need to trust God in a way I have not been, it is high time I walk the walk of trust.

How about you? Are you merely trusting God with your mouth, or are you trusting Him with your actions? Take a look at your life and be honest with yourself. Then feel free to join me in my walk with the Lord as I learn what life can be like as I trust God with my actions.

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