Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Dear friend,

Just over 4 years on the road for Jesus now and am currently back in coastal South Carolina with special needs ministry doggies Miss Mercy and Grace doing lots of beach, hotel, & streets ministry, writing & publishing, & plenty of praying & walking with the Lord in the southern spring sunshine! Just days ago, I felt so worn down by my life’s struggles coupled with the challenges of the ministry entrusted to me I felt like perhaps my life was winding down to a close. But a brother in the Lord prayed mightily for me & God answered by giving me a greater-than-ever passion and fire to love and worship Him forever and to tell the world about Him! He also prayed God would give me a spirit of supplication (prayer) which He most assuredly has more than ever before it seems. So in the midst of it all, I am crying out to the Lord for this world, for believers in Christ and non-believers in Christ, as we are in dire need of worldwide revival and awakening!

I am also praying concerning my next location which I hope will include a much desired little season of seeing beloved family which has not happened in a very long time.

And I am praying my heart out for God’s will and provision for the publishing part of my ministry. I am writing up a storm once again & am in enormous need of physical & financial help & support for printing production & distribution of my writing around the United States. I have had a few kind offers of help, for which I am so very thankful, but am in need of help from those with their hearts very dedicated to the Lord and to the work with the time to do it whereby we can keep up with the amount that needs to be done in a very timely fashion! I am happy to share in greater detail if anyone is led to help and/or to pray concerning this.

Lastly, I have unfortunately been somewhat sidetracked in the past month or so with a number of businesses and their wrongdoing, dishonesty, lack of care, lack of professionalism, inappropriate behavior, etc. in various matters whereby it has taken up a good amount of my time and energy trying to address what they have done. God has blessed me with a desire to love, forgive, and pray for all the people involved, yet it has still been quite time-consuming addressing the resulting issues. I believe the state of this world with so many in open rebellion toward the Lord is such that we are seeing more and more wrong and hatred and less and less love, kindness, compassion, and care.

On a personal note, with decades of struggles and very many losses, trials, and tragedies, I am emotionally very worn out by it all. There are times my flesh would like to just disappear from it all and not have to face a single more second of hurt, sadness, sorrow, rejection, meanness, cruelty, memory of how may I have loved and lost, etc. But the Lord is so loving, so merciful, so faithful, and continues to give me all I need each and every day in, through, and for Him to persevere and to continue to strive day by day to fulfill my life’s calling for Him.

Prayers, prayers, prayers so very greatly appreciated!

And donations & new monthly sponsors always greatly appreciated as well!

love & blessings,



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