Update from Lara


Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that today is the big day I’m moving myself, my ministry, my sweet special needs & senior doggies, and my stuff into New York City as the next big step of faith in following the Lord and doing the streets ministry and writing, publishing, and distribution work to which He has called me.

The forecast is calling for rain, and I am moving onto a sidewalks-packed-with-people, small, one-lane street where double parking is not allowed without any friends or family to help since I don’t know anybody in the region except those I knew over 20 years ago! MY TRUST IS IN THE LORD, MY HOPE IS IN THE LORD, MY REJOICING IS IN THE LORD!

When I start to think how crazy this all is, to give up a simple, easy, and economical life in the  South where I was blessed with a little house not too far from the ocean in a warm, southern climate where everything is slow and relatively quiet, to go out onto the road full-time for the Lord and ministry, to spend this past year in two hotels with my Lord, ministry, and beloved dogs, and now to move into New York City which couldn’t be much noisier, wilder, more expensive, cold climate, fast-paced, people-packed, fast-paced, and dangerous in comparison to where I was, I am immediately reminded of why I am doing this. And how privileged, how indescribably privileged I am.

I am 100% devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ because of whom I am given an everlasting relationship with God, who died for me and was raised from the dead, who is my Savior and Lord, King and redeemer, healer, my hope and my trust, my peace, and on and on.

There is NOTHING and NOBODY in the entire universe I love more than God almighty, and there is no greater honor for me than to be called God’s daughter, Christ’s servant, and to be living the life He has so graciously and lovingly and mercifully given me utterly for Him.

In the three weeks I have been in a New Jersey hotel looking for housing in New York City, and during the times I’ve gone into the city to see places and such, the opportunities have been endless to talk to people about the Lord and to share with them my Gospel tracts. This is but the beginning of what I believe with all my heart will be an absolutely amazing opportunity to tell the world about the love of my life, my Lord and my King, my God and my Creator, my greatest treasure, Savior of the world, Christ Jesus who is forever and ever Lord!

Please pray for me and this little ministry & my sweet dogs, and please pray for all the people to whom the Lord has and will lead me to help to find and forever follow Him.


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