For anyone who has seen in the past year or so my periodic requests for people to step forward and become monthly sponsors of Walk by Faith Ministry, you might know that I usually don’t do traditional fundraising and I only occasionally encourage people to step forward and give on a monthly basis.

I felt led to share with you today that though my email request was sent out to over 2000 people, ZERO people stepped forward as monthly sponsors. The last time I sent out a request which was some time ago, ZERO people asked via email stepped forward. One loving couple in the past year or so saw a request and stepped forward. But for the most part, when I have shared that it would be an incredible blessing for people to come alongside me in this ministry for the Lord by sowing financially, usually nobody has stepped forward.

I am blessed that the Lord provides for me and this ministry, but I confess I am concerned by the lack of giving. Not because of this ministry, but because I am concerned we live in a society in which many of us tend to assume others will step forward and give and help, when in fact this world is so in need right now that we ALL must step forward and give and help. Give and help this ministry? Not necessarily. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Because I don’t know how the Lord is leading you specifically.

But I do know we all need to consider how the Lord is leading each and every one of us to give, whether it be financially, of our time, of our hearts, of our skills, talents, and gifts, of friendship, of encouragement, where sharing the Gospel is concerned, helping people to follow Jesus, rides to church, phone calls to check in on people, smiles and hugs, comfort, whatever it may be the Lord gives us to give unto others.

Am I sad when people don’t step forward to help? Admittedly, yes. But my greatest sadness is when I consider that our world is in dire need right now, and we simply can’t afford to sit back and watch the world’s sufferings, the world’s needs, and the endless opportunities we have to give to a world in need of the Lord Jesus Christ and of God’s provisions He so blessedly gives us not only to help us but to pass along to others in His name.

A friend wrote me to say she couldn’t become a monthly sponsor because her family is giving, giving, giving to all sorts of people and groups to which the Lord has called them to give, and that makes me smile in my heart. Because they are giving – where the Lord is calling them.

If God leads you to support this ministry financially, I would be blessed beyond measure. But if He does not, I would be just as blessed knowing you are giving where He desires. Just please don’t miss the opportunity to give – in Christ’s name, for God’s glory, yes!

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