Update from Lara on the Road!


I never knew someone with a history like mine could be as filled with love, peace, hope, joy, and excitement as I am on a daily basis. My early mornings are a bit like a battlefield. I desperately want to spend time with the Lord in His Word because I love Him more than anything or anyone in the universe, and yet I am desperately excited to begin a new day because besides the Lord God almighty and my ever growing and thriving personal relationship with Him and His amazingly awesomely phenomenal Word there is nothing I love more on this earth than to live to love, worship, and serve Him and to tell the world about Him and to help people to find and follow the Lord Jesus Christ for eternity. I am blessed beyond measure with the relationship He has given me with Himself as my Lord and Savior, and blessed beyond measure with the ministry He has given me as an evangelist and writer devoted 24-7 to Him and ministry. My love and passion for Him and desire to love and help people meet and fully devote their lives for Him grows by the day!

When I gave away almost everything except ministry and bare necessities and put my house on the market and set out on the road full-time for the Lord and ministry in April 2017 with the first stop in Virginia I expected to be in Virginia a very short time, but the Lord has made it abundantly clear He wants me to remain for right now despite my excitement to see where He takes me next in this lifestyle of being fully devoted to Him and ministry and not being bound to any single place. The Lord is the One to whom I am forever bound, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The opportunities in Virginia, which is actually the DC metropolitan area, in my streets ministry work have continued to be endless, the writing has been pouring out of me to such an extreme I have had to keep a little notebook with me to jot down notes and find myself often running to the computer. My only downfall is I love Him so vehemently and am so excited to proclaim Him to the world that I continue to struggle with slowing down and resting along the way which I confess and acknowledge I desperately need to do! I am a vigilant observer of the Sabbath day, yet I have found with the intensity of my ministry work coupled with caring for the special needs and senior dogs that sufficient rest is an exceedingly important part of my love for and obedience to the Lord.

I wish I could share with you all the testimonies of how He has introduced me to people both at the hotel and on the streets and by internet and phone locally, nationally, and even internationally at times, still regularly through the dogs and oftentimes without them through the writing and other means, but I would literally never be able to keep up with sharing the amazing encounters with which He has blessed me and how many lives He is reaching with His gospel message and help and encouragement in following Him with me as nothing more than His blessed devoted vessel.

The more I humble myself and yield myself utterly to Him, the more I work hard to purify my heart and repent continually as needed, the more most importantly I seek Him and spend such beautiful precious time with Him loving Him, singing to Him, seeking His presence, studying His Word, listening for His voice, and striving to obey Him, the more I see His Spirit poured into and through me to reach the world around me.

I am astounded at His love, grace, beauty, at His sovereignty, lordship, at His majesty and magnificence, and at how He uses a woman once broken literally beyond repair transformed by His Spirit through His Word into a woman whom as the prophet Jeremiah spoke of has “fire” in her “bones” for the Lord and to preach of His glory to the world. And so indescribably importantly also to help people to learn to diligently in their hearts, with their mouths, and in their actions, in their very minds and lifestyles, in practical, tangible, visible ways to follow Christ. So very often I cross paths with people who profess to believe in Christ but who have never truly dedicated their lives to Him or perhaps who have but are not receiving the help and encouragement in learning how to turn away from their sins, to die to themselves, and to live wholly for Christ.

I am blessed to have my printing and publishing equipment with me, so I am able to keep up with making sure there are enough Gospel tracts to hand out. I also am so very thankful to report He has opened the door to a bunch of prisons as well as a homeless shelter where I send my Finding the Light Gospel tract and new FAITHFUL Magazine, a pocket sized mini magazine jam packed with love, encouragement, hope, scriptures, the Gospel message of course, devotionals, warnings, messages, challenges, and questions to help people find and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

The dogs by the Lord’s grace alone are doing beautifully. Even little Glory without eyes who was diagnosed with major cancer is acting like nothing is wrong with her in the least! Three of the dogs, she and paralyzed dogs Mr. Simeon and Miss Mercy, all were near death when first rescued, and then near death again after spending years with me. God has saved them over and again, and for that I am so thankful. The greatest dog challenge for which I most assuredly could use prayer is that 7 year old English coonhound healthy and active Esther whom I left in South Carolina had her plans fall through such that she ended up being shipped up to me in Virginia where she needs a safe and loving home without cats and preferably no other dogs ASAP as my heart and hands are full and I am not equipped on the road to keep her long-term.

The hotel has been a blessing beyond measure. It is actually more like an inn with plenty of space, a gracious staff, an absolutely gorgeous outdoors with fields and fields behind it and on the sides, and an amazingly big paved area which is a dream for the dogs in their wheelchairs. The location is wonderful, and I could not be more thankful the Lord has sent me here for this season.

I know in my heart this is only for a season, and continue to sense strongly He will be sending me from one location to another. I even have a very strong sense of one of the places I believe He will likely send me, and I am excited beyond measure. But I’ll leave you in suspense with that one!

For those led to help, love, encouragement, and prayer are always very much appreciated!

And donations including monthly sponsors would be appreciated beyond measure!

Sending you all LOVE and BLESSINGS in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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