Update on Mother Theresa

For anyone following the amazing story of our very senior miracle doggie, Mother Theresa, her recent vet visit and lab work show she does not appear to be headed for heaven anytime particularly soon.

Mother Theresa, whose owner planned to shoot and kill her, whose rescuer abandoned her in flight from the police, whose next caretaker left her in a pen dirty and lonely – all at the ripe old age of 12 – was then so brutally attacked by a fellow foster dog after being taken into Walk by Faith Ministry that it took her surgeon two hours and a subsequent surgery to put her neck back together.

Thanks to God and several generous donors, Mother Theresa did the senior strutt off to the vet last week for lab work to check on her liver, a mass on her leg, and a year-long bout of severe incontinence.

Test results? Bacteria have likely caused the incontinence, and she will now continue with one antibiotic and start with a second, super strong – and expensive – one. Her formerly problematic liver? Thanks to God and the wonderfully generous Nutramax company that donates her ongoing liver meds, Denamarin, her liver is in great shape. The mass on her leg? We’ve decided to leave well enough alone given her age and history. One test result shows possible cancer elsewhere, but her vet saw no need to pursue the possibility at this time.

Bottom line? She remains happy as can be, sleeping on a baby mattress next to my bed, letting herself in and out into the huge doggie yard all day long to enjoy the unseasonably warm fall in her new South Carolina digs. She barks every time I am out of sight to make sure I have not left her for good, and is fully enjoying her latest diet of pop tarts, toast with peanut butter and jelly, and fried eggs and toast – along with dog food when she’s in the mood. Leave it to our special needs senior dogs, who con me into yummy food by going on food strikes.

Her new medication, combined with continuation of the first one, will cost approximately $100 combined. Donations to Walk by Faith Ministry, as always, are appreciated!

Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at https://www.walkbyfaithministry.com.

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