Update on Sweet Mercy

When my veterinarian recommended yesterday that I send Mercy to heaven after discovering her back is shattered, my answer was simple. “I can’t make that decision without the Lord,” I told Him. My veterinarian knows me well; he was not surprised.

After 12 hours of driving in a single day earlier this week to rescue Mercy from a rural Georgia shelter where she had been brought following being hit by a car, I was exhausted – to say the least. Not to mention during my 12 hour journey, I stopped at a gas station only to discover a puppy there had been hit by a car and needed rescue. I was unable to rescue the puppy, and will return this week with a trap and take her to the vet to address her badly mangled leg. As for Mercy, I looked forward to bringing her home and getting her started with her new life.

My vet’s news was hard to hear.

Nobody likes to hear back news. But I knew I could not make a decision on whether or not to send Mercy to heaven until I heard the Lord. And, when I prayed, I felt the Lord calling me to wait. Not yet. Not now. Why not? I don’t know. I don’t understand the Lord, and that doesn’t matter. What matters is my obedience.

So what have I done in the past 48 hours since I brought sweet Mercy home. Regarding Mercy, I have loved her, given her medication, fed her, loved her, prayed for her, loved her, taken her outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather, checked on her, loved her, loved her, and loved her.

“If I have to let Mercy go, she will be with Jesus in heaven,” I told a friend today. “And if she stays here, the earth belongs to the Lord.” So Mercy will be okay, wherever she ends up. Either way, probably unlike she has known until now, she will know love – God’s love, and His love through me and through the others that have met her.

Early this morning, I took Mercy into the front yard to lay down. Mercy is paralyzed, so I have to carry her everywhere. For the heck of it, I tried her out in Winnie’s wheelchair. Winnie has only two feet due to a train wreck, but she doesn’t prefer her wheelchair. Guess what? Mercy fit perfectly into Winnie’s wheels.

Is this a sign that one day Mercy will learn to use a wheelchair? I don’t know. I don’t know the outcome, and only recently have I learned to be okay with not knowing the future. I only have today, and most importantly I have the Lord.

My primary purpose in life is to love the Lord with all my heart and to love His creation as myself. My neighbors. My friends. Strangers. People I meet along the way. And, as I love to do, His furry friends also.

Why did I name her Mercy? God put it on my heart. As I drove those long hours to pick her up, my friend sent me a text message of a scripture from the Bible. About Mercy. She did not know I had named the dog Mercy. The Lord is moving on my heart about how vital it is for me to have mercy. And, most importantly, how vital it is that we receive His.

Thank you, Lord, for your mercy. Thank you, Lord, for Miss Mercy also. I love you forever and ever and ever. Amen!

Mat 5:7  “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.”

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