Update: Paralyzed Dog Miss Mercy


Praise, praise, praise the Lord on yet another miracle for paralyzed ministry dog Miss Mercy. Brought to an animal shelter about 12 years ago after being hit likely by a truck, she came under the wings of my life and ministry. Multiple vets told me to euthanize her. God told me to keep her alive.

Almost died a few years later when it was discovered her spleen had split in two and formed two spleens after the initial accident. She then had a splenic torsion. ER triage worker told me she likely would not make it through surgery. God told me to do the surgery. He saved her life again.

Another serious surgery along the way after she ingested something. God saved her.

In these 12 years, countless times God has used her to bring me to people and people to me whereby I have told them about the Lord Jesus Christ, shared the Gospel, given them my Gospel tracts which include my personal story, prayed for them and ministered to them. She has brought such joy to adults and children for years doing streets, hotel, and beach ministry work with me and the other special needs ministry dogs particularly paralyzed Mr. Simeon whom I lost tragically a few years back. And she has LOVED all the attention!

Recently, she presented with multiple medical issues simultaneously. Lethargy and some depression. Several serious infections, possible cancer, trouble keeping her weight on, and serious pain while walking in her wheelchair.

A precious few people stepped forward with donations, she received wonderful care from her local vet. And God blessed me with several vets consulting voluntarily from different parts of the country where I have been in my years on the road for Jesus.

Praise God she has no cancer! Praise God one infection is doing very well after a surgical procedure with ongoing treatment! The other infection does not need treatment at this time as it is a recurring problem with paralyzed dogs that does not require constant treatment! The pain is minimal and easily addressed with medicine as needed! And Miss Mercy is wonderfully happy, thriving, energetic, eating to no end and so plump I will need to watch the food intake or she will not fit in her wheelchair, and thoroughly enjoying her life!

Always so nice to experience and share good news in this case pertaining to miracle dog paralyzed Miss Mercy!

Thanks to all who prayed! Prayer for me and the ministry as well as the ministry dogs and particularly all the people around the world God reaches through my heart and my ministry very greatly appreciated!

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