Update & Prayer Request


Thanks so very much to all who have been praying for my safety as I requested in a special prayer request yesterday. I am choosing to not go into detail at this time, but suffice it to say being on the road for Jesus full-time as a 53 year old woman in the year 2021 in the United States given the darkness and evil in this world comes with its challenges including safety & security issues. It can be very uncomfortable and hard on the flesh at times, and I am exceedingly thankful to all those who pray for me and my ministry and my beloved special needs ministry dogs. Please keep praying if you are so led!

Despite being quite tired from the stress of the past week concerning what I have sought prayer about, I am THRILLED to report I am more excited and committed than ever to press on in my ministry work.

Please know I give EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF GLORY TO THE LORD for all He is doing in and through me which to me is absolutely astonishing especially considering my background of decades of brokenness coupled with the fact I am 100% Jewish and grew up in a family that didn’t believe God exists and was at one point an atheist who for years didn’t know how I would even make it through the day given my life’s challenges.

Praise God I am currently doing streets & hotel ministry, am preparing and sending off Issue 9 of lara love’s Good News Magazine which goes around the US to homeless shelters, jails, rescue missions, prisons, a Christian pregnancy center, & a Christian medical clinic, writing my Good News Daily & doing my Video Devotionals, getting ready to publish yet another book, in the thick of writing another book and about to start another one while I finish up that one, ministering to women one-on-one, holding three Totally Devoted Fellowship meetings for women by telephone in which I bring a message from the Bible and we pray, caring for my special needs ministry dogs, and most importantly spending wonderful alone time with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible and praying, seeking God, praising Him, worshiping Him, singing to Him, and hearing and obeying Him and repenting as needed along the way as I live day in and day out to love and worship and serve and glorify God and to help others to do the same!

How could one person particularly middle-aged who is on the road going from place to place around the United States with my background and no regular salary with no volunteers other than one person getting the mail and making bank deposits possibly do all this and still be overflowing with love, peace, hope, joy, passion, excitement, and a hunger and thirst beyond measure to continue on proclaiming Christ to the world possibly do ALL this?

Simple answer. The Lord Jesus Christ. In Him, through Him, and for Him, hallelujah!

That said, I would be thankful more than you can possibly imagine for your ongoing love, prayers, encouragement, & generosity in the way of Monthly Sponsors and donors.

Thank you in advance for praying concerning this latest update.

Love & blessings,

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